Tempted To Pop That Zit ?

Are you tempted to just pop that zit? Can't stand that angry red bump right smack in the center of your face for the whole world to see?

Well, you may want to read this before you do.

There are a many types of skin blemishes including cysts, ingrown zits, papules, pustules, blackheads, whiteheads, pimple rash…..all of which fall under the term Acne Vulgaris.

But, you need to be careful before attempting to “pop that zit.” By doing so you can cause serious skin damage and scarring at worst and at best…..well it just won’t do any do.

This is the case with Papules, which are red inflamed bumps.

You’ll notice that a papules does not have a white head – so trying to pop it won’t help relive it and reduce the bump - and it may cause further inflammation.

You should also leave cysts and nodules – especially if they are painful and/or very deep. If this describes your situation it's important to see your dermatologist.

Usually, a dermatologist can inject a cortisone shot to reduce swelling and help reduce the chance of scarring.

While, it’s always best to leave any blemish alone or try a more natural pimple removal technique.

Understandably so, it’s hard leave a “huge zit” right on your face for everyone to see…….knowing that this blemish is so obvious.

Blemishes, especially on the face can be annoying. But squeezing and scratching the pimple will only make it more obvious and can damage the skin.

Those suffering from multiple breakouts, have reported good results using salicylic acid for acne, pimples, and rough bumpy complexion. Salicylic acid is a great natural exfoliator and can actually make your complexion smoother.

While it's highly recommended that you leave the pimple alone, if you must "pop that zit", make sure you understand some facts on pimple popping tips so as not to damage the dermis.

If you notice that - instead of the occasional breakout, you suffer from pimples often, perhaps you should read about 3 simple steps for natural acne cures.

Don't Pop That Zit - How To Stop Your Pimple Popping Habits

Obviously, the best remedy to prevent the pimple or breakout from forming in the first place.

Too many websites and TV commercials make it seem so overly complicated. Offering a ton of useless products that can sometimes make the skin worse.

So Don't Pop That Zit - Follow These Really Simple Steps:

  • Exfoliate – this step is So Important. Exfoliating can uncover clogged pores and eliminate dead skin cells. Natural fruit acids are best for this job. They are great for getting all of that “gunk’ out of your pores. And they fruit acids naturally encourage collagen production and reduce redness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • pH balanced cleanser – A pH balanced cleanse is best for troubled skin whether you suffer from constant breakouts or your skin is too dry or too oily. You need to clean it well, but not over strip natural protective oils.
  • Hydrate – skin that hydrated (not with cheap oils) looks dewy, soft, and plump. When you use a good hydrator ……..you’ll see what I mean. Skin that‘s not properly hydrate looks lifeless, dull, and parched.

The best part is a natural easy pimple treatment can be used everyday as your three step daily routine…not just when you have a breakout.

A simple and easy to use skin care routine that covers all basis for healthy skin can and should be used by everyone.

We seem to get into trouble when we try too many different types of skin products that either are too harsh or over dries the skin – destroying the proactive acid mantle causing an imbalance which later leads to breakouts and irritation.

For some people just trying some simple acne pimple home remedies can help. These remedies can include items you probably have in your kitchen or bathroom right now.

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