Pimple Removal - Tips for Quick Removal of Pimple Breakouts

Pimple removal treatments are not just for teenagers......or as teenagers like to call it "quick zit removal."

Regardless of how we say it - one know one thing - when those angry red bumps crop up out of the blue young or old - we want quick pimple removal tips that work.

That’s why finding fast, effective pimple remedies or pimple cures is important to know about and to have on hand – in case this happens to you.

But before you try to make that pimple pop try some of the home remedies listed below;

Home Remedies for Pimples

There are several anecdotal remedies that are worth trying – however, not all of them will be effective for everyone.

One popular method is to dab the area with hydrogen peroxide.

  • But before you do, take a small amount of baking soda and mix it with water and make a paste.

Scrub the area lightly to exfoliate dead cells. Then take a cotton ball and pour some hydrogen peroxide on the cotton and dab the area lightly.

Try to dab the area several times a day. Or, take a small piece of tissue - wet it with peroxide and place it on the pimple and let sit until it dries. Repeat as needed.

Some people swear on using toothpaste - but this has never worked well for me. So how Does This Work?

You simply take a small amount of fluoride based toothpaste and rub it onto the pimple. Leave on and let it dry overnight. 

Supposedly, it draws the white head of the pimple to the surface and helps to dry it up. While this never worked for me…..I have heard that it’s pretty effective for some people.

Other Home Remedy
Pimple Removal Tips....

Other home remedies for pimple treatments involves rubbing a freshly sliced piece of garlic on and around the pimple.

Yes! This does sound weird, but I've been told by some that it does work - however - BE CAREFUL! Garlic can burn the skin if left on too long!!

  • Rub a small amount so just a little bit of the garlic juice covers the skin surface.
  • Don't leave it on too long and if it starts to burn and feel uncomfortable wash it off quickly.  

Clay masks work well too. We really like a botanical clay mask. It works as an over night spot treatment, but can also be used as a weekly deep pore cleaning treatment.

Safe Pimple Treatment and Prevention

When natural treatments are not enough, or if you're breakout out too often to keep up ......

It's a good idea to try a simple prevention treatment so you'll never have to worry about the repercussion of red spots and scars once the pimple has finally gone away.

A natural treatment is pretty simple:

  • Clean the pores
  • exfoliate excess oil and dead skin cells
  • hydrate (without oil)

Many people have adopted this healthy skin routine as their every day skin care routine.

Personally, I love this 3 step skin care routine. It's easy and simple and makes me feel like I've done something good and healthy for my skin!

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