SPF Clothing

What is SPF Clothing? It's specially treated clothing that offers protection against the sun's harmful rays.

The SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor” which can be as high as 50 - if used in combination with sunscreen products. Why is it so important?

Because we're not just trying to prevent wrinkles, we have to worry about skin cancer too.

On average, a rating of SPF 15 can usually allow a person to stay in the sun for approximately 150 minutes.

Sunscreen lotions are the most common place to see a SPF rating, but lotion alone may not be enough to protect you from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

While Sunscreens may offer some protection to bare skin, normal clothing does not provide effective protection against the sun. 

However, combining sunscreen lotion with SPF clothing creates the best of both worlds.

Sunscreen Clothing - Basic Facts of SPF Clothing

Sun blocking clothes comes in a wide variety of items for both adults and children.

Without a tag you wouldn’t know the difference between UV Protective Clothing and regular clothing.

You’ll find styles for almost any level of dress, from recreational to casual and work place acceptable.

SPF lists the same ratings as spray sunscreens and lotions. For best results, it is a good idea to chose sun protection clothing that offers an SPF 30 or higher.

Especially if you have fair skin or skin conditions irritated by sunlight.

Sunblock clothing is more protective than normal clothing, but it is only effective for the areas it covers. It should always be used in combination with the lotion you would normally apply.

The advantage is that you do not have to worry about the clothing wearing off – the protection remains hour after hour, where the sunscreen needs re-application periodically.

When in any situation where you are wearing a bathing suit, you may be used to using protection from the sun.

But many people are unaware that the thin fabric of some swimwear allows the harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation through.

SPF swimwear doesn’t wash off and maintains it’s rating wet or dry.

Common Misunderstanding About Sun Blocking Clothing

A common misunderstanding is that wearing a regular hat with a sun visor protects your head, but the truth is - you really should wear a hat that has a UPF rating of 50 or more.

You want a light weight cooling hat, that will still guard you from sun damage.

Keep in mind that not all manufacturers are equal. If the label on the clothing does not have the rating listed, and if it does not state that it is an SPF rated clothing.....then you're completely protected.

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