Causes of Hyperpigmentation

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The causes of Hyperpigmentation, or discolored skin usually results from some type of damage.

treatment for hyperpigmentation

While many people may be susceptible to dark patches, hyperpigmentation (age spots) usually result from damage due to sun, acne, hormones or even rashes. 

Hyperpigmentation or brown age spots usually occur when too much melanin (coloring) is concentrated in one spot....sort of like a tattoo.

The damage - like getting too much sun - happens years before we even see it. 

By the time these nasty brown spots show up, the damage is done.

And, like a tattoo, age spots are very stubborn and difficult to remove because,hyperpigmentation happens at a cellular level. 

Skin Spots - Common Causes

Melanin, the dark pigment in your skin, gets stored in cells that are protecting an area. As a result, that area appears different in color than the rest of body. 

While spots are usually brown, they may also appear pinkish, red, or purple. The color variation depends on your skin tone and type.

Most Common Causes Are......… 

Most common causes of hyperpigmentation is too much sun exposure.

  • The sun damages your skin nearly every day in very small amounts. Sun spots, also known as age spots, develop over time as your skin responds to the sun’s damaging rays.

  • While some types of hyperpigmentation (from a wound or cut) might fade over time, but true age spots are the hardest to treat because the dermis looses it's ability to heal as we age.

  • Post acne breakouts are also a pretty common cause for dark spots. Especially, if you've been picking at pimples or lesions - which only creates more inflammation and damage.

More irritation can lead to more pigments formed, so most doctors recommend that you avoid touching or picking at acne.

Gentle treatments for acne do not create the scarring or pigmentation – which is why they're often recommended.

Allergic reactions can also cause pigmented areas to form as your skin heals. Rashes, illnesses and other trauma to your body are also causes of hyperpigmentation in most people.

While some types of hyperpigmentation (from a wound or cut) might fade over time, but true age spots are the hardest to treat because the dermis looses it's ability to heal as we age.

Understanding the underlying cause is essential for you to treat this condition.

Treatment For Hyperpigmentation

Your best solution for hyperpigmentation treatments begins with the actual cause of the inflammation to your skin.

If you're suffering dark spots/patches and scars from acne breakouts skin erase and surface retexturing treatment will provide the best long-term results.

This type of treatment is especially important for reducing dark, rough, bumpy skin patches. It can also help encourage collagen production for smoother less wrinkled skin.

Hyperpigmentation Treatments Due to Aging/Hormonal Changes

If your hyperpigmentation is due to aging, or hormonal changes like Melasma then natural skin brightening creams can significantly improve your appearance.

Studies from the Journal of Dermatology suggests that natural creams that contain Arbtuin can significantly reduce the level of melanin (dark skin pigment) with consistent use.

This anti-hyperpigmentation cream contains Arbtuin for clearer skin.

Other creams can actually lighten the appearance of the area while your body replaces cells at a normal rate.

One of the most common treatments uses hydroquinone to reduce your skin’s ability to form melanin.

But recent information suggests that this ingredient may not be very safe.

As of this writing, hydroquinone has been banned in several countries in Europe……….so it's not clear how safe this ingredient is at this time.

A doctor’s office can perform a painless procedure known as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion to remove outer layers of skin for patients.

Some physicians may recommend using a dry ice to freeze the outer skin cells and encourage healing.

Skin grows as a natural part of your body and these procedures reveal the healthy skin below. You will need to repeat these procedures to achieve long-term changes in your appearance.

Dark skin patches rarely cause pain, but they can be emotionally painful. Your treatment options may lessen or reduce the appearance of areas on your skin.

Many forms of hyperpigmentation heal naturally, but others require treatment by a doctor.

The causes of Hyperpigmentation for your skin determine the best treatment plan for you.

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