Body Acne Treatments

Surprisingly there aren’t many body acne treatments on the market.

When you consider that up 90% of facial acne suffers also develop body acne – especially on the back and chest – you would think there would be more products made specifically to treat body acne.

body acne treatments

Many people try home remedies for body acne or try using the same treatments they use on their face. However, this often times does not work.

You see the pores on the face are different than those on the body. The dermis on the body is thicker and the pores are bigger and much more active.

So targeted treatments need to be formulated for the body.

In addition, body acne becomes inflamed and irritated much faster because of friction from synthetic clothing and fabrics.

If you suffer from breakouts then you know how embarrassing it is to expose your chest or back in public. In addition, if you don’t treat it quickly, there is a great chance of suffering from deep and permanent scars.

That’s why finding effective body acne treatments is very important. And treating the body is not as difficult as once thought.

Now there are safe and effective products that only require treatments once or twice a week to get rid of body acne.

Click to here to read more about an herbal body acne cure or continue reading below for more information on treatments.

What Causes Body Acne – Body Acne Treatments

Basically, body acne and back acne scars are caused by the same factors -- clogged pores and over growth of bacteria usually due to sweat and over production of oil glands.

However, in the case of body, matters are made worse due to friction from clothing. Also, other causes can be traced to hormone imbalances which also cause oil glands to go into over drive clogging pores and causing infections bacterial growth.

So the best way to keep body breakouts under control is to use treatments that help reduce oil production and make it difficult for bacteria to grow.

Body Acne Treatments and Medicine

Moderate to severe acne treatments usually include medicines like Accutane and oral antibiotics. However, these treatments are toxic and carry many side effects.

Please visit the Accutane Message Board if you have any comments, questions, or experiences you'd like to share about Accutane.

In addition, long term use is not recommending so when the patient stops taking the medication, their problems usually return.

Those suffering from mild body acne may find results by sticking with a good daily cleansing routine – making sure to clean the affected areas thoroughly after physical exercise or excessive sweating.

Other treatments include wiping the affected areas with over-the-counter pads soaked in salicylic acid wash or benzoyl peroxide (like Stirdex) or applying a lotion containing alpha hydroxy acid.

These products help increase cell turnover and exfoliate which can help unclog pores.

While these treatments might work for some, it often times causes excessive dryness, irritation, peeling and scaling. Which leads the body acne suffer to discontinue treatment -- and then they are back where they started.

This way of treating body breakouts is simple and gentle so it can be used long term for optimum and permanent results………. As a health advisor and research consultant, I have found a product that does just that.

Body acne and facial acne is very common and was one of the most frequently received questions. There is a lot of extensive research on a variety of treatments, but the most impressive is the ZenMed Body Acne Combo

How Do These Treatments Work For Body Acne?

This combination pack contains 2 different treatments that are best used together. A clay body mask and a gentle body wash – They work as follows:

  • Step 1 - Includes the use of a botanical acne mask spot treatment. This all natural clay based botanical infused mask is smoothed over the chest, neck, and back for 2-5 minutes before taking a shower. The oregano oil and salicylic acid really penetrate to, absorb dirt and oil and unclog the pores.
  • Step 2 - Is the body acne wash and is used in the shower to wash the clay mask off. This wash contains walnut shells and salicylic acid to exfoliate and clean.. It also makes the skin surface a hostile environment for acne causing bacteria – therefore preventing bacterial overgrowth. Very important to preventing body acne! 

While they're simple, these two treatments only take about 8 minutes about 2-3 times per week. It accomplishes a lot.

It helps heal and reduce scarring and red marks from existing acne, clear the pores, and ultimately, prevent new breakouts from forming.

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