Can a Face Lift Exercise Program Prevent Facial Bone Atrophy?

We know that a simple face lift exercise program can help maintain youthful features, but can the benefits go deeper than just skin and muscle?

Possibly so! Researchers believe  the same facial exercises used to help improve sagging muscles and papery wrinkled skin – can also help slow facial bone atrophy.

As years pass, facial bones lose volume, contributing to the appearance of aging. Here, CT images show the skull of a woman between the ages of 20 and 40 (left) and the skull of a woman over 65 (right). The bones of the older female show that her eye socket is larger, the angle of her lower jaw bone has dropped and the angle of her brow is reduced. Credit: Howard Langstein/University of Rochester Medical Center.

We all know the importance of exercise for stronger bones for our bodies – now there is evidence that facial exercises can help prevent bone atrophy – especially around the eye sockets and jaw line.

This information was presented in a recent study published in the Medical Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery...

After reviewing hundreds of CT scans from people of all ages, researches noted that  there is a significant change in bone structure with increased age.

Most noted was the area around the eyes and especially the jaw line. 

If you look at the two pictures above – you can see the droop around the eyebrow area and the loss of definition in the jaw line.

The most important is the loss of structure and volume in the lower part of the face – which creates sagging  and affects the aging appearance of the chin and neck area too.

So you see  - aging is not all about the wrinkles!

Face Lift Exercise Tips

Overall Facial Aging - WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Facial bones are flat bones and do not respond to weight bearing exercises as the bones in our bodies do. 

And while facial exercising cannot challenge the bones the same way weight bearing exercises challenge the bones in our body, it does help improve the integrity of the bones due to the pressure applied during facial exercises.

According to Carolyn from Facial Fitness (in consultation with Richard H Tew, M.D.) facial exercises builds muscle fiber, which rejuvenates connective tissues and therefore helps improve bone structure.

During facial exercises you apply a certain amount of pressure over your skin which also affects facial bones around key areas where we show aging the most….eyes, cheeks, jaw line, and mouth

The best part is - this pressure not only help restore healthy bones and skin, it also builds underlying muscle which lifts the face – giving you a firmer lifted appearance over time.

Look what just 3 months of face lifting exercises did for my sagging neck!!

face lift exercise

Carolyn's Facial Fitness exercise programs not only exerts the proper type of pressure needed to improve bone structure.

But it also address the thin wrinkled skin and sagging muscles.

It's a complete face lift exercise for a younger, more natural look.

In addition, this program also addresses the neck and chest – which many other programs do not. 

The interesting part is the exercises are done lying down for maximum gravity pull.

So, they're easy to do – 15 minutes before you get out bed in the morning a few times a week.

Visit her site: CFFitness for more information on bone aging and free sample exercises.

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