Interested in Lower
Face and Neck Exercises?

There are a lot of face and neck exercises on the market...... So which one do you choose?

Which ones really work?

Well, I think they all provide some improvement - to a degree if done correctly AND on a regular basis..................

Especially if you consider that a simple massage firms and brings more blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to the cells.

The exercise below is a good example of a firming massage......

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My Research and Findings.....

I've tried many, many programs over the last 15 years - but some felt too intense for me. ……breaking down muscle and rebuilding muscles was just too scary!

Because if not done correctly, you could wind up looking a bit odd or over-built.

Others programs were too gentle, they seemed to be more like a light massage than a good facial workout.

After much searching and (trial and error) – I finally found one that is easy to do, is quick,and REALLY gives my face a workout that I can actually feel the next day.

And it's one of the few that really targets the neck/chest area, which is difficult to firm-up once it starts sagging.......

(Hint: Don't let it get that far. The sooner you start - the easier it will be to maintain the firmness you once had.)

Also, it's a comfortable workout because it doesn't involve a lot of pulling or tugging.

It's more like a cross between a firm - but gentle - massaging technique that still helps to build up sagging muscles.

But what really makes this one different is that (except for a few - like the neck exercise sample in the video above) most of them are done lying down, so you really feel that gravity pull against the muscles.

If done regularly (a few times a week)…….one of the first thing most people notice is less skin play in the neck area - this means, it's not as loose ...i.e.... harder to pinch.

But, keep in mind it's not a good idea to spot train. For the best results you should exercise all the muscles from the scalp to the chest as suggested in the program.

Just remember facial muscles are interconnected - so working one is as important as the other for the best results!

Check out this awesome Interactive Facial Muscle Chart!  Click on any part of the face to see which muscles are affected when you follow the program.......

For example: Doing cheek exercises can actually affect the area around the jowl line.

The link to the facial anatomy diagram above is very interesting. You can click on a muscle and it will explain which part of the face it's connected to. So you can see which are responsible droopy jowls or which ones are involved with droopy eyelids......

If you want more information on face and neck exercises or how or why they DO work, visit Carolyn's  website.

She's the creator of this fantastic program and answers each and every email personally!

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