Copper Peptides - For Biologically Younger Skin

Copper peptides (creams and serums) can have a significant impact on the dermis. This has been proven in published research conducted by leading dermatologists.


To put it simply:  Peptides help support healthy collagen - which is why they're sometimes used after cosmetic procedures like laser or chemical peels

What does this mean for an aging complexion?

  • increased moisture
  • increased firmness
  • smoother complexion (less damaged cells from scars and sun damage)
  • more even complexion tone
  • increase anti-oxidant protection

Sounds great, right? However, the problem is only very small amounts of peptide products can actually penetrate the dermis.

Which is why we look for peptides with smaller particles and higher absorption.

Best Peptide Products?

There aren't many "true" blue peptide creams available. We like:

MD3 Advanced Copper Peptide - This patent pending formula contains smaller particles for deeper absorption where it can do the most good - for optimum results.

A second runner up is the Neova DNA Total - While this is one of the first peptide creams on the market, it's still pretty effective.

Click here to watch this video clip from the Doctors' Show..........................................

What are Copper Peptide Creams?

They contain a combination of a copper ion (a trace element found in every cell within the body) and a peptide (a small protein fragment).

Dr. Loren Pickart is credited with discovering a specific Skin Remodeling Peptide Complex called GHK-Cu. This stands for glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine:copper (II)

Compare the two ultrasound scans above. The one to the left is a scan of the outer corner of the eye area BEFORE using peptides.

The one on the right is a scan of the same area after peptides. Notice the increase in light green color on the right graph, indicating tighter dermis and increased collagen production.

At one time this type of GHK Cu blue peptide cream called (NEOVA®) was only available through dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

It was given to patients for post-healing after cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser resurfacing to help heal faster and reduce scaring.

Other Types Peptides.........

Sometimes you'll find a combination of peptides with retinols..........for a really powerful anti-aging punch! However, this powerful combination should not be used by sensitive types.

This is a better option once you've worked up. If you do try it, apply a small amount in small area first to see how your face reacts.

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