Crepey Skin Under The Eyes

Got crepey skin under the eyes? I have a 10 minute remedy that just might work for you!

Several of my close friends encouraged me to write this article and make a video (see below) explaining how to get rid of crepey under eye skin. 

They noticed a difference when I started using this treatment - and of course - they wanted to know more about it too. 

If you have lines, wrinkles or crepey eye skin - then you probably know how difficult it is to get rid of them. While there is no natural cure for crepey skin - I think I found a temporary/instant remedy that might help. Check out the video below..... 

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply and "sets-in" in about 10 minutes, but then you're done for the rest of the day. For me - it stays put during physical activity and even in the rain. 

For me - the eye cream/serum combination I found is probably as close to perfect as I can get for smoothing out the crepey skin under the eyes and all around the upper cheeks. 

Home Remedies for
Crepey Eye Skin - 2 Steps

Here is what my two-step crepey eye fix remedy includes: 

crepey skin remedy under the eyes

Hydrate/Highlight - The first step involves applying a very soothing hydrating cream to moisturize the area – which also helps soften the appearance of that crepey look under and all around the eyes. 

 - This cream also serves as a light concealer because it contains tiny highlighting particles that reflect the light – that's why it's called the Illuminator. This one step alone really improves the look of tired eyes. 

- In addition, the Illuminator contains glucosamine and B vitamins – which according to the product developer - helps firm the dermis under the eyes. 

crepey skin remedy under the eyes

Smooth/Tuck - The second step involves applying the Eye Tuck serum – over the cream – to help smooth out that sagging or crepey look. The serum contains hydrolyzed collagen, horse chesnut, centella asiatica extract (gotu kola), willow bark, green tea, and cucumber extract.

 - Topical horse chestnut is excellent for reducing swelling and bruising. Centella asiatica extract is known for its ability to reduce inflammation and increase collagen and tensile strength. 

 - In vitro studies show that topical centella asiatica extract (when applied for 24 days) helped increase the percentage of collagen and fibronectin protein in human skin. 

 - And, the ingredients - willow bark, green tea, and cucumber extract - all help reduce inflammation too.

So it's easy to understand how this serum can be helpful not only to firm and tighten but to reduce the appearance of dark circles, bags, or puffiness. 

What You Should Know About
This Crepey Skin Remedy

In the beginning, you may have to play around with the amount of serum used. Many people find if they use too much or apply it too thick, it may cake-up a bit.

But the fix is simple! Just dab the area with a wet finger - which will remove some of the serum. 

In fact, people have approached me asking what I use on my eye area to give it that bright smooth look.

That's when I pull the bottles out and start testing. I also wanted to see if anyone – with sensitive issues – will have a reaction. 

For information on crepey skin under the eyes: visit easy eye solutions.

Click here to see a video on how it works for swollen baggy or puffy eyes

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