Why Isometric Facial Exercises?

Isometric facial exercises - in conjunction with - light resistance - are my favorite type of face exercises.


Because it doesn't involve a lot of skin pulling.

Tugging and pulling on facial skin is one of the top reasons many women are afraid to try this wonderful and effective way to lifting and tightening the face and neck.

Also, isometric Facial Exercises are a must for anyone who has tried an anti-aging cream and has been disappointed with the results.

Don't get me wrong - creams and serums are great and can help feed the skin, exfoliate imperfections like brown spots, and help keep it look soft and hydrated.

But, no matter what a skincare company tells you - there is no cream in the world that can actually lift underlying sagging muscles - like isometric facial exercises can.

DEFINITION: i′somet′ric ex′ercise 

1. A program of exercises where a muscle is tensed against another muscle or an immovable object so that it may contract without shortening.

Isometric facial
exercises example

Here is an example of a type of a facial exercise that can help lift sagging cheeks, firm up nasolabial folds and even smooth out the neck.

It's called the CHEEK FIRMER. Courtesy of facial exercise guru Carolyn Cleeves. 

1. Make a wide "O" with your mouth. 

2. Place an index finger from each hand and just rest them on top of each cheekbone, just under the orbital eyebone.

3. Then try to smile by lifting the corners of your mouth. As you do you'll feel the cheek muscle (and fingers) move upward.

4. Then release. This UP and DOWN motion consists of 1 rep.

5. Continue to perform in a quick up and down "pumping motion" until you've reached the count of 40.

Trust me, you'll feel this the next day!

This exercise does not involve skin pulling or stretching. Just simple muscle contraction and releasing.

But to get a really good results, isometric facial exercises should be performed on all muscles of the face for the best results.

PLEASE NOTE: It's important to refrain from spot training!!

Unless you are currently performing facial exercise program that involves all 58 muscle of the face and neck, spot training can cause odd and strange results.

Most women and think they don't have enough time to perform a complete face workout, but I have been doing one for years and it only takes 15 minutes about 3 times a week. 


Visit CFF exercises for more information on how it works.

The best part of the CFF face exercise program is that they are done lying down for that extra gravity kick.

Try doing the above Cheek Firmer exercise sitting up and then try it lying down................HUGE DIFFERENCE!  

Lying down gives you a better "pump" and you can really feel those cheek muscle lift.

Isometric exercise for
face and neck videos 

If you're interested in seeing some FREE exercises for the face and neck or wish to see Before and After pictures.........

Visit CFF here and give these sample exercises a try.

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