Non-Surgical Eye Lift Procedure

If you're looking for a natural, non-surgical eye lift procedure, consider eye exercises. A good combination should address the main aging points around the eyes……which include:

Crows Feet

Upper Eye Lift

Lower Eye Lift

Eye Flex

Eye Opener

While eye lift creams are great, they can't firm the orbital muscle of the eyes.

Since different exercises concentrate on specific areas we need to's important to do them all in combination along with general face exercises for best results.

Below are some samples...............

Crow's Feet – Helps reduce the appearance of lines in the outer corners. Watch the video below:

Upper Lid Lift – Our upper eyes tend droop as we age – which makes us look tired.

  • In this procedure, an index finger is placed under the eyebrow bone. Then while holding firmly, try to close the eyelid. Over time, this can help firm and open the eyes.

The Opener – Like the procedure above, this also addresses droopy eyes. But instead of trying to close the eyes, try to open them.

  • Here three fingers are placed on closed lids. Then, while gently holding them closed, try to open eyes by looking up. The combination of this and the Upper Lid Lift can help give a wider, more awake appearance.

Lower Lid Lift – Puffy eyes, dark circles, and crepey skin are addressed in this bottom eye lift procedure.

  • Place fingers on the top of cheeks (under the eyes). Then hold firmly while trying to close the eyes (using bottom lids only). This isolates and contracts the lower eye muscles. Do not squint.
  • This can also help reduce fluid build-up reducing puffiness and circles.
  • For beginners, this may take weeks to master. You have no idea how weak this muscle is until you try to isolate it.
  • But as the eye muscles get stronger – this workout becomes easier.

Eye Flex – This procedure firms the lower eye area, outer corners, and helps reduce puffiness.

  • This exercise procedure is similar to the Lower Lid Lift workout above – but without using fingers to anchor the lower lid muscle.
  • It's a simple squint – however, only the lower lid should be lifting upward. This one takes practice and muscle control to get the full effect.
  • And, contacting and flexing the lower lid muscle helps activate tiny lymph nodes in this area which helps reduce puffiness.

Depending your age – a good workout schedule for the non-surgical eye lift procedure is between 3 to 5 times a week.

For best results, it's important to do these correctly. Also, consider exercising the upper brows, mid and lower face too.

Since facial muscles are all interconnected – you'll get the most balanced appearance if you do all 28 exercises weekly.

For more instructions, samples, and to see before and after pictures, visit Carolyn's website.

Or click here to see my results.

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