Do Face Exercises Work?

You've probably read that face exercises can help maintain a firmer lifted appearance without surgery or expensive creams. Is there any truth to this? 

I think so....I think the pictures above attest to the benefits of facial exercising.

I've been doing them (off and on) since 1998. And more regularly now that I found an easy program that I can stick with.  

Personally I feel that in all those years - very little age related changes took place on my face and neck.

Don't get me wrong - I'm still a work in progress :-)

But, as the years go by and new age related issues crop up, I get free bonus exercises that are personally tailored to my needs.

That's another plus to the CFF face exercise program! Carolyn provides excellent personalized service.

Here are some interesting facts to consider about facial aging.....................

What's the Shape of Your Face?

Do you still have a triangle shape? If your under 40 - you probably do............

Looking older is not just about wrinkles - it's about maintaining a firm facial structure ....... "keeping everything up and lifted and were it used to be."

As we age, our face takes on a flat appearance. The muscles in our face start to deflate (atrophy) and sag.

This droop also causes hollows where we once had natural fullness.......especially under the eye sockets and the cheekbones.

With each decade the shape of our face slowly changes - because everything start going south.

As a result, the bottom half (jowls, under chin, neck) become fuller/heavier......and the look of a firm jaw line, chin, and neck is slowly erased.

Click here Face Shape changes to see pictures.

So can exercises help reverse and prevent drooping? Check out the video below. This woman (Carolyn) is over 64 years old and exercises a few times a week.

So What is Face Exercising?

As you can see from the video above, these exercises consist of a series of muscle contractions and firmly applied resistance to targeted muscles -- sort of like body building.

But unlike body building, facial muscles are interconnected. So by working one group, you're also firming another group at the same time.

So for example - a specific eye routine - can in turn - can also effect muscles in the lower cheeks!

In addition to firming and increasing muscle size - a good workout can increase circulation - bringing nutrient rich oxygen to the face and dermis.

Other benefits of face exercises include:

  • Firmer, more elastic complexion
  • Increase production of new, healthier cells
  • Increased collagen and elastin production

Other Research

  • An independent study, conducted by Eureka Physical Therapy Center showed that eight weeks of facial exercises caused:
  • 250% increase in facial muscle strength
  • 35% increase facial dermis elasticity

~~Additional Studies~~ report that facial exercises prevent bone atrophy which gives an aged appearance. Compare two facial CT scans of a younger and older woman...Face Lift Exercises Prevent Bone Loss in Eye and Jowl Area.

No More Sagging Face?

Can facial workouts help prevent or reverse sagging facial structure? I think if done correctly and on a regular basis - they can help. If workouts firm the body, why not the face?

If you're still not sure, visit Facial Exercises to see more videos.

Also, check out this really simple neck exercise. It takes less than a minute to do.

This was especially developed to target a double chin and those stringy neck muscles.

› Face Exercises Before and After


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