Your Face Shape
Tells Your True Age

As we age, our face shape changes as muscles and skin slowly start to head south! Our face shape seems to take on a more inverted triangular look.....

Creating a fuller/heavier look in the bottom half - from the lower face to the neck area. That once angular jaw line we used to have seems to blend in with our chin and neck.

face shape

While you can't change the "natural" shape of your face, you can minimize that "age shift" by lifting droopy skin with cosmetic surgery - and to some degree with facial exercises.

Without facial cosmetic surgery, our face shape changes in ways that make us look older and more tired but it’s not all due to thinning skin or lack of collagen -- as previously thought.

A new study found that major changes in the fat pockets in our face, cause us to take on an older appearance

NOTE: Scientists discovered that our face has fat pocket  compartments that actually shrink or grow as we age -- thus affecting the shape of our face and how we look.

These individual compartment are separated from each other, but are all held together within fibrous connective tissue.

For Example:

The fat pockets in the cheek area shrink with age. As a result the excess skin folds -- causing what’s called the nasolabial folds (these are the lines or folds that run down on either side of the nose to the mouth).

In addition, this lack of volume also causes the under eye and upper lip area start to look older too. 

How Your Face Shape Changes

When we are young there is a smooth connection between different fat compartments in the face.

For example: The under eye area connects smoothly into the upper cheek area, which connects seamlessly to the sides of the nose. And the lower cheeks blend right up to the corners of the there is no skin folding or sagging.

But as we age, these compartments change. As a result, we lose that smooth transition and begin to develop hollow pockets, droopy fat pads and loose skin.

These changes cause the shape of the face to look heavier towards the bottom as skin and muscle starts to head south.

What We Notice Most?

The major changes most of us notice are:

  • hollows under the eye
  • nasolabial folds
  • hollows of the cheeks
  • sagging/droopy around the nose and under the jowl

Options to Prevent Face Drooping

Cosmetic fillers - like restylane and juvederm work well to fill in these deflated facial pockets and can help prevent some facial drooping.

Face Lift - another option, but more expensive, is a cosmetic facelift where the plastic surgeons not only tightens and removes loose skin, but will either add or reposition fat pockets thus achieve more natural face lift. 

Face Exercises - studies show that there are benefits to facial exercises. They're free, safe and you’ll gain a more youthful natural face shape without the cost and danger of a surgical face lift. 

Many people have seen results in as little as a few weeks. And the program that I have found only takes about 45 minutes per WEEK!

In my opinion, that's time worth investing to look good.

I've seen dramatic results in as little as 14 weeks.......See my before and after pictures here.

Interested in learning more? Click on the cool interactive muscle chart below to see which muscles help lift and firm which part of your face.

Once you visit the site above, just slide your cursor over any part of the colored chart and see which muscles are engaged when doing facial exercises!

I'm convinced that facial exercises are the safest, easiest and least expensive way to maintain a younger face shape.

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