How To Get Flawless Skin

how to get clear skin

Everyone wants to know how to get flawless skin. 

But the truth is many of us cause our own complexion problems. We either use the wrong products or too many different harsh products that may irritate the skin. 

The wrong products with the wrong ingredients could cause a variety problems from breakouts to eczema.

KISS (keep it simply silly). Maybe we just need to simplify our routine.

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Do you suffer from blackheads, breakouts, enlarged pores, extra dry or oily skin? How about visible lines and wrinkles or just a dull complexion?

On a segment of the Oprah Winfrey show titled How To Look 20 Years Younger, famous dermatologist, Dr. Lancer suggested a simple 3 step daily regime on how to have younger looking skin........

  • 1 - exfoliate,
  • 2 - gently clean,
  • 3- nourish with a vitamin rich hydrator. 

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It really can be that simple. You don't have to be lucky to have a flawless complexion, but you do need to know what you're putting on your face and how it can affect it.

Here are some simple (and inexpensive) tips for a clear and beautiful complexion. Best part? It only takes 5 minutes a day.

Do This For flawless skin

Simplify your daily routine:

Do: Do use products that are free from chemicals like like sodium laureth sulfate and fragrances. Treat it gently and encourage cell turnover....especially for complexions over 35 years of age.

Do: Do use products whose key active ingredients include herbal extracts, fruit acids, vitamins and essential oils.

Do: Do treat your complexion gently. Wash without over drying, keep the pores clean and increase cell turnover (this keeps it from looking dull and helps promote collagen production for less wrinkles).

Gentle is the key here.....Try to use gentle facial cleanser along with a clean moisturizer. Then a few times a week, follow-up with an exfoliating fruit acid serum to help reduce lines, wrinkles, blotches, brown spots, and enlarged pores.

Glycolic and lactic acids serums can really help get that beautiful glowing look. This last tip is especially important for men and women over 40 years of age.

Knowing how to get flawless skin is simple enough. It's finding the right products that's difficult!

Don't Do This

Don't: Use poor quality moisturizers and cleansers. Read the label and make sure you know what's in it. Avoid astringents and toners that are harsh or over drying.

If you need a toner after washing your face, then perhaps your facial cleanser is leaving an unnecessary residue.

It's hard to have a clear complexion when your constantly plagued with breakouts, enlarged clogged pores, extra dry or oily patches, or eczema.

Surprisingly, a lot of these problems are due what we put on our face.

How? Well for example - many facial cleansers are either too alkaline or too acidic. This can disrupt the pH balance and the protective barrier of the upper dermis (called the acid mantel) which protects the skin.

Also, some cleansers contain synthetic detergents (especially those formulated for oily types) and destroys keratin proteins which also protect. And some facial cleansers can also destroy the good (naturally occurring) bacteria - the kind that protects your complexion.

In addition, some moisturizers may contain waxes and heavy oils to seal water loss, but this may not be a healthy way to get a clear complexion, especially for those prone to clogged pores and blackheads. 

What Is The Acid Mantel? It’s the top oil layer on your skin's surface that protects against damaging elements of the environment like wind, sun or bacteria and keep it hydrated.

A damaged acid mantel can lead to acne, allergies, eczema, or excess sensitivity or irritation. It can also lead to:

  • the formation of blackheads
  • blemishes -- due to bacterial over-growth and fungus
  • irritants, itchy allergies, acne and other disorders

If your skin is far from clear or beautiful and you suffer from any of these disorders, chances are it was due to long term use of harsh soaps or toners.

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