BioSil Side Effects and Reviews

BioSil Side Effects? As far as I know there aren't any.

Well, except for maybe healthier skin, hair and nails. What to learn more about this interesting skin vitamin?

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Great skin tips always include taking care of your complexion from the inside as well as outside.

So in addition to facial creams, collagen building supplements are just as important.

So why all the questions surrounding the side effects of this safe mineral? And what about BioSil - are there any side effects?

As far as research shows.....there aren't any document side effects associated with this trace mineral.

In fact, if anything, this supplement offers a lot benefits healthy skin, hair, and nails over time.

BioSil (orthosilic acid) is a safe anti aging supplement for your whole body.

Actually, it's one of the most important minerals for healthy skin care and to prevent osteoporosis.

There are several other things we can do to improve our complexion and help keep the complexion looking fresh and clear.

Most importantly -- get a anti-wrinkle facial a few times a month. A weekly or monthly facial can help eliminate dead cells, increase cell turnover and revive an aging dull complexion.

Get A DIY Home Professional Facial

In addition to facials and supplements, I'm also impressed with the fantastic results from facial exercising/massaging.

This particular program is super easy to do and you can do them while lying in bed. Watch this video....

Many people have also asked if BioSil can be used as a natural acne treatment?

While facial exercising helps bring about a healthier complexion, there is no researching indicating that it has any effect on acne or breakouts. But some people say it does help distribute excess oil.

An oily complexion with or without acne requires gentle topical approach - like a facial wash and/or pore cleansing serum that is free from heavy waxes and chemicals.......

Balance is the key to help helped normalize skin that is too dry or is too oily

BioSil Side Effects -  Horsetail (Silica) Warning

Lets review the facts.......................

Some people confusion BioSil (which is orthosilic acid) with Horse Tail extract (which is silica) because both are touted as a skin vitamin.

However, they are totally different.

High doses of Horsetail extract (silica) could cause a vitamin B1 (Thiamine deficiency)according to the National Institute of Health Alternative Medicine.

BioSil for Anti-Aging Skin?

Well, it's not a drug treatment, lotion, or cream....but a collagen supplement that contains a biologically active form of silicon called choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid.

Studies show that this particular form of silicon increases levels of hydroxyproline, which is a key amino acid required for the production of collagen and elastin (that's  the stuff that makes our skin smooth, firm and elastic)....

BioSil benefits go beyond the skin.

Although people think of this as a skin-vitamin, it does so much more....such supporting healthy joints, connective tissues, hair, nails, arteries and cartilage.

According to research from the National Institute of Health, long term horsetail extract (silica) use has been known to deplete Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) levels.

A severe deficiency of Vitamin B1 could lead to nervous system disorders, confusion, difficulty with vision, eye movements, or walking. It could also contribute to memory loss. People with a vitamin B1 deficiency should avoid horsetail extract.

Stay With The Original Formula

To be safe and make sure your supplement is not silica or horse tail extract, make sure to look for the original brand used in the studies.....called:

Natrol Brand.

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