Skin Care For Acne

What Is Acne Rebound?

Skin care for acne control can be a challenge, especially if you're over a certain age and starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles too.

This type of complexion will often rebound (acne comes back) if not treated properly.

Natural acne treatment options are always your best bet. Organic, fruit acids, and natural acne recipes help to ensure you don’t experience a rebound effect.

Also, your skin care should control and minimize your acne, not destroy your complexion. A mature complexion has different needs and is more susceptible to gentle is the key here.

But, if you have the right products on hand, you can minimize breakouts and improve your complexion too. Many people have experienced good results with a laser skin care.

There is a new home laser treatment that has had pretty good reviews. Click the link above to view the video and see if this is right for you.

Name: Mandy
Favorite Product: Microdermabrasion Complex
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Natural Acne Recipes Help Prevent Rebounding

What is rebounding?

Rebounding is the body’s way of fighting back when the dermis has been treated harshly or over-reacts to chemicals like sulfur, alcohol or benzoyl peroxide.

You use a certain product or their whole line of skin care for acne for a week or two. In the beginning, it looks like it’s working and your breakouts just starting to clear up.

Then suddenly………………Boom!

Your acne comes back even worse than it was before you started using the treatment. And what's worse is the surrounding area is damaged, irritated and looks aged.

Most people find that benzoyl peroxide is the main culprit ingredient. But unfortunately, it is effective in treating acne.

And for those not too sensitive to it, it keeps working as long as they keep using it.

Others can barely tolerate even the smallest amount.

Simple Skin Care Acne Solutions

So what are to do if you find your last treatment only caused more breakouts? Well, first understand what type of complexion you have and tailor your acne treatment for it.

For example, is your complexion dry? Or is combination? Or how about oily? This make a huge difference in outcome.

You don't want to treat a dry acne prone complexion with a standard product or one meant for oily types or a product meant for teens.....this will only further aggravate and set you up for a rebound affect.

Good skin care for acne doesn't have to be complicated and you don't need a lot of expensive products.

In fact, it’s very simple - gently cleans, use a dual fruit acid serum to clear and exfoliate dead, discolored and damaged cells and keep pores clear.

Then moisturize with the appropriate moisturizer (based on your skin type). This will at least your complexion a fight chance to recover and heal.

Some dermatologists suggest that if you wash your face, no more than twice a day, with a good cleanser to help reduce the acne causing bacteria (without upsetting the pH balance) you can help reduce the breakouts, improve your complexion and reduce irritation.

And remember, acne isn’t the only problem for a troubled complexion – it’s the post breakout discolorations and angry red marks that takes away from a smooth, even flawless complexion - if you don't take care of it right away.

That's where a fruit acid serum can help too.


Favorite Product: ZENMED AHA /BHA Skin Erasing Complex
"I love this product! This is like a mini-facial everyday. My face just glows, little pimples just disappear and my pores become INVISIBLE
Click here to find a solution that's made just for your skin type....oily, dry, combination, mature with fine lines and wrinkles.... skin acne control system .

While not every product will work as intended for everyone, most people find they have a better chance of success when they use products specifically formulated for their type.

This way, you not only concentrate on getting rid of the pimples, but can achieve a total healthy complexion too,

Someone people care to go one step further by taking herbal supplements to encourage healing from the inside out.

They have reported fantastic results using acne specific supplements in addition to using a topical wash and exfoliator.

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