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Honey & Seaweed Skin Care - Wrinkle Free Newsletter Issue #9
November 18, 2010

Seaweed Skin Care - Popular Christmas Gifts for Gorgeous Skin

Welcome to the November 2010 Holiday edition of Wrinkle Free News. Here we'll explore the latest news and research articles about keeping your skin looking as young and healthy as possible.

The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself. ~Elizabeth Metcalf

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November 2010 Issue At-A-Glance:

  • Feature Article
  • - Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for beautiful skin? Think seaweed, Celtic sea salt, and honey facials!

  • Featured Product
  • - Holiday times are exhausting. Looking wide awake and refreshed is important…… especially for puffy, tired looking eyes. So this featured product – Eyeliss – might be just what the doctor ordered!

  • Free Products and Samples
  • - Learn how you can get a free bottle of Botox Serum.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas - Honey & Seaweed Skin Care

Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for beautiful skin? Think seaweed, Celtic sea salt, and honey facials!

This is not the honey found in your kitchen pantry, but a special active skin healing honey called manuka honey. This combination of honey & Seaweed skin care is the newest addition in high quality, nutrient rich skin care.

Natural elements from the sea are extremely high in antioxidants - which mean they can help protect the skin from free radical damage. And honey is a natural skin healer and hydrator. In fact, medical grade Manuka honey has been approved for healing skin burns and wounds.

The combination of these two elements can help de-stress, revitalize, and hydrate dry, tired, dull skin.

The concept of honey and seaweed skin care was developed in New Zealand and is all the rage down there. Women want more natural, chemical free choices to use on their face and this 3 step all natural honey, sea salt, and seaweed is completely free of artificial ingredients.

Here is a rundown of what it contains:

    1. Sea Salt Scrub – This deep cleansing scrub is very high in minerals and vitamins. The sea salt is suspended in manuka honey and sweet almond oil. So when you rub this combination over the skin it literally “polishes” the skin buffing away dead skin cells and clearing out pores. Not only is your skin smoother and brighter – the scrub help stimulate circulation and encourages healthy skin cell growth. Regular use can help I have to warn you – once you try it – you will be hooked.

    2. The next step is the marine mask that also contains volcanic ash (which is sometimes called living clay ) because it is so rich in minerals. Whatever debris the scrub might have left behind, this mask will draw out…..especially impurities trapped in tiny pores around the nose and chin. Regular use of the marine mask can help firm the skin, reduce fine lines and strengthen connective tissues.

    3. And finally is the manuka honey, seaweed, and vitamin E moisturizer. Honey is a natural humectant – which means it attracts and holds moisture. Applying it to the skin helps the skin absorb and hold moisture longer. It also has natural antibacterial properties which is why it makes a great component in moisturizers. No chemicals needed to keep the nutrients fresh. Regular use can help keep the skin plump and hydrate – but not greasy! Very important -- especially for those with oily skin.

I absolutely love these products and I’m sure someone on your holiday list will too. Click here to read more about benefits of honey for younger skin.

Click here to get more great ideas on popular Christmas gifts for beautiful younger skin.

Eyeliss Review - For Brighter Looking Eyes

With the holidays coming up we’re all starting to feel the stress – parties, dinners, shopping, decorating, cleaning – it’s exhausting!

And it’s hard to look our best, especially when we can’t get enough sleep. Having skin care tips and tricks on hand to help us look awake and refreshed is important…… especially for puffy, tired looking eyes. So this featured product – Eyeliss – might be just what the doctor ordered!

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about several active peptide molecules found in Eyeliss – including Hesperidin Mythl Chalcone, Depeptide Valyl Tryptophane, and Lipopeptide to help improve the delicate skin around the eye area…..

Yes, I know the ingredients sound like alphabet soup, but what can these strange sounding molecules do for your skin? Well, several clinical studies showed an impressive 70% reduction in eye puffiness and eye bags.

The ingredients in Eyeliss have been proven to restore elasticity to the thin skin around the eyes. It also helps to firm and tone the skin underneath the eyes too.

In vitro studies show a reduction in inflammation and ex vivio studies show a decrease of capillaries permeability. Click here to read more and view actual Studies.

Discounts and Specials

Love discounts and sales? So do I. And now's a great time to try this intensive skin therapy facial.

Until next month -- have a wonderful and safe holiday. And don't forget to keep exercising your mind, body, and face. Stay healthy and strong.



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