TCA Peel

Considering a TCA Peel? TCA peels use a chemical solution to smooth out and basically improve the tone and texture of the facial skin. It does this removing the damaged, blemished, wrinkled outer layers of the skin.

What is a TCA Chemical Peel?

It’s a chemical face peel that uses Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) in varying concentrations – depending on your skin needs. Most physicians use a medium depth peeling to reduce light surface line wrinkles and superficial skin spots, hyper-pigmentation, and red marks left over from previous blemishes and breakouts. TCA peels are effective in evening out skin tone.

TCA skin peels are best used for light wrinkles around the eyes (like crow’s feet), upper and lower cheeks, forehead, and on those vertical lines around the mouth area. Perfect! Exactly the places we start to show the signs of aging first.

So how does a TCA chemical peel compare to other chemical peels? It’s sort of rated in the middle in terms of strength, effectiveness, and healing time. It’s stronger than an Alpha Hydroxy peel and lighter than a Phenol peel.

Who Are TCA Facial Peels For?

These peels are best for those with light wrinkles and skin damage. Also, since this peel will not lighten your skin too much, it may be more suitable for people of color – compared to a Phenol peel which can lighten your skin so some people of color may not be a good candidate. Your physician will be able to help you make that determination.

How Does a TCA Facial Peel Work?

First the skin is cleansed thoroughly. Then a chemical solution is applied to either to the entire face or just to specific areas like the eyes, mouth, and/or forehead.

You may feel a slight stinging sensation, but it usually goes away quickly. While anesthesia is not required – some doctors may prescribe a mild sedation before treatment just to relax you.

After a determined amount of time, the solution is wiped off and a thick layer of a petroleum jelly type cream is applied to protect the skin. The patient may need to keep applying this jelly for several days – as determined by the physician. The whole procedure should not take more than 15-20 minutes.

After Care of a TCA Chemical Peel

Within the first day or two your face may throb or tingle or may swell a bit. Some doctors may recommend a mild pain medication. Over time a reddish/brown crust or scab usually develops over the areas treated.

Eventually, these scabs peels away exposing bright pink or red skin underneath. This may take anywhere from 7-10 days. During this time most people will need to stay indoors until the skin is healed.

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