Looking for Safe Anti-Itch Creams?

Yes, there are a ton of anti itch creams on the market so which one do you choose.

Well, some people like the idea of trying natural, herbal based products like the Itch Dr. cream. Click here for more information.

These types of creams are generally safer, more gentle, and much healthier for the body – especially when you dealing with conditions in certain parts of the body.

This cream with ingredients like red aloe, vitamin E, and lavender oil can help calm redness and irritation and support optimum health.

Add to that witch hazel and tea tree oil to sooth itching and you have a nice combination cream for all types of itch problems.

This is especially important if the area is sore or cracked or scraped due to excessive scratching. Or for those who suffer from eczema or dermatitis.

Because many over-the-counter anti-itch creams contain strong anesthetics – like hydrocortisone - used to numb or reduce the itch but can further irritate the area.

Instead of just numbing or anesthetizing the itch – it might make more sense to support healthy skin by restoring normal levels of bacteria or yeast – one of the common causes of itchy rashes.

A natural, herbal based itch cream can used for most common conditions like occasional body or jock itch. It's formulated to be safe enough to be use on all body parts – like genital's (groin and anal area), as well as in between toes and fingers.

And it's gluten free, vegetarian and safe for most - young and old.

Plus, it doesn't contain ingredients like dibucaine – which if ingested by small children can be dangerous. Dibucaine is a common anti-itch ingredient found in most over-the-counter anti-itch creams.

While it can help numb the itching – if you're using it on children or near the face or fingers…………anywhere it can get into your mouth – take caution.

Problems with Rashes and Blisters?

If you're looking for all natural creams for these conditions, then consider Chikkie Spot Soother.

This cream can also be used on children as well as adults for a variety of itch rash conditions. Click here to read more.