Eczema Moisturizer

Are you using a specific eczema moisturizer? What about a cleanser? Many eczema sufferers are all too familiar with the common eczema symptoms including: dry, itchy flaky, and uncomfortable skin. But how do you know if your current skin care regime is not making your symptoms worse?

Eczema, psorasis, or any type of hypersensitive skin condition needs special care and that includes reducing repeated exposure to dyes, fragrances, and other additives, In fact, many people find that they cannot even handle the most gentlest baby formulated SPF sunscreens.

This makes finding skincare products like simple moisturizers - a real challenge. And the level of tolerance will vary from person to what may be fine for one person, may cause some minor flare-ups in another, especially children.

While serious sufferers spend thousands of dollars yearly on creams, lotions and medicines that will help relieve their discomfort. Some find that nightly treatment with petroleum jelly can help.

This is because petroleum jelly has the ability to hold in moisture and has very few chemical additives than most commercial creams or lotions.

This is a very important point! Eczema skin cannot handle additives, fragrances, chemicals, colorings, etc.... It's too much for damaged sensitive skin and can be very irritating.

That is why fragrance free moisturizers are the best, and for daytime use the best moisturizers with SPF protection are advisable, since sun exposure and sun damage can only worsen eczema flare-ups.

For eczema sufferers who are not sure which type of moisturizer is suited to their condition, it may help to remember a few important tips: always buy a moisturizer that offer protective ingredients that will act as a barrier, rehydrate and nourish the skin and is - of course - fragrance and chemical free.

Most dermatologists and skin care professionals recommend at least 400 to 500 grams a week for children and even more for adults as this gives enough of a barrier to the skin to reduce the need for prescription medications and inhibit the penetration of allergens and irritants.

Best Fragrance Free Moisturizer

If you're truly looking for a high quality, super hydrating, eczema moisturizer that is free from:

  • parabens
  • petrochemicals
  • lanolin
  • synthetic dyes, fragrance, or animal products

I highly recommend that you take a look at one of the best moisturizers for eczema that is even recommended for pediatric eczema or those with super sensitive skin.

This is a fantastic moisturizer to use on the face - under-makeup - as well as being a great body lotion for eczema sufferers. You'll be surprised how super hydrated and supple your skin will again, regardless if your eczema is on your face, elbows, or knees.

Many people have commented on how soothing this moisturizer feels and how much softer their skin looks after just few days of daily use!

If you're tired of the flare-ups and really want some relief from the itching and dryness, it's worth giving the entire eczema skin care system a try.

The moisturizer along with the cleanser work together to heal and help restore it back to clear, soft hydrated skin you where born with.

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