Perimenopause Symptoms and Wrinkled Skin

Most women over 40 years of age are familiar with peri-menopause symptoms -- which occur due to a decline in hormone levels. 

However, many are not aware of the effects perimenopause

has on skin wrinkles and the potential positive effects of phytoestrogens for aging skin.

Perimenopause marks a time – usually three to five years – before a woman’s last menstrual of the hallmark signs and symptoms of menopause.

During this time the ovaries begin to slow production of important hormones, like estrogen and progesterone.

While some women may not be aware of the subtle changes taking place within the body, these changes can have a negative impact on the skin including:

  • A reduction in collagen and elastin production
  • A reduction of water-holding proteins
  • Reduced oil gland function resulting in less oil production

All of this leads to thin, dry, wrinkled skin. In addition, the reduction of estrogen and progesterone, also cause many women to suffer from itchy, sensitive skin too

Perimenopause Symptoms and Hormone Replacement Therapy

The British Journal of Dermatology reported a 23% increase in skin firmness, and a 29% wrinkle reduction around the eye area (crows feet) when testing the benefits of natural progesterone cream....

Can replacing hormones act as an anti-aging skin treatment for perimenopausal and menopausal women?

Well the studies look promising.

For instance several studies show that striol (a form of estrongen), can help increase collagen and skin thickness.

Another study showed that women on estrogen replacement therapy had 30% less wrinkles than those who did not take any hormones at all.

Dr. John Lee, an authority on natural hormones, found that taking Natural Estrogen Creams and Natural Progesterone Creams – derived from wild yams or soybeans can have a significant improvement on skin texture before, during and even after menopause.

I guess one can think of hormone replacement creams as an important pre and menopause skin care treatment.

Natural Skin Solutions to Perimenopause

Natural progesterone and estrogen creams are widely available and safe to use. In fact, many women are turning to natural hormone replacement, instead of synthetic hormones, due to recent research that connects synthetic hormones with cancer.

Menopause Itching
Natural Menopause Remedies

Looking for immediate relief for menopause itching skin? Learn about natural menopause remedies for Menopause Itching and other skin conditions.

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