Can Estriol Prevent Wrinkles?

A decline in estriol (one of the weakest of the three estrogens found in the body) along with other hormones usually means a decline in:

  • moisturizer
  • collagen production
  • elastin production

Regardless of our diet and lifestyle habits......

When menopause hits - leaving us with wrinkled, thin, dry itchy skin - hormone replacement therapy is usually the most successful option. 

Studies show that a drop in hormone production causes collagen and elastin production to fall – which contributes to wrinkls and sags.

In addition to hormone reduction, there is also a decline in blood circulation, thus depriving you of much needed nutrients.

This could explain one reason why women who perform regular facial exercises and massages tend to have a healthier looking complexion.

According to the Journal of International Menopausal Society, estriol decline has a profound effect on the dermis. They found that postmenopausal women who received estrogen treatment showed an increase in collagen, dermal thickness, and elasticity

Low Estrogen? There May Be Hope...........

While a decrease in certain hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone) can have agingn effects, there are a host of other uncomfortable side effects associated with this natural aging process….......

Side effects such as hot flashes, weight gain, depression, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and more.

This is why finding a solution is even more important. These days, instead of going the synthetic route like taking Premarin, many women opt for more natural alternatives.

Consider asking your doctor about bioidential hormones - which are molecularly similar to the hormones your body naturally produces.

Bioidentical estrogens (which contain 17 beta-estradiol, estrone, and estriol) are generally derived from plant extracts such as soy or yams and are perceived by the body to be similar to hormones once produced by the ovaries.

A simple female hormone blood panel test can determine what you're levels are now and how much is needed to bring you back to youthful levels.

Please Note: Bioidentical hormones are available by prescription only through anti-aging doctors.

Click to here: Blood Testing Information

to learn more about hormone blood test or speak to an advisor about finding an anti-aging physician in your area.

Estriol Cream and Other Options

Phytoestrogens – while not as potent as naturally occurring estrogen (17 beta-estradiol, estrone, and estriol ) - might be helpful too.

These plant based estrogens are weaker (about 1/200th the strength of estrogen made by the body) can have an "estrogen like" effect. Phytoestrognes are usually derived from soy, seeds, and herbs.

Some studies found that women who took estrogen or phytoestrogen replacement had 30% less occurrence of dry wrinkled skin, than those who did not replace hormones.

They also took into account life style habits, such as smoking and sun expose, adjusted for these two factors, and still found the benefits of estrogen on skin health were significant.

Phytoestrognes can be obtained through diet, creams, or supplements. Hundreds of women have used natural phytoestrogen with great success.

In addition to having less issues with dry itchy problems, someone women just feel better - saying they have less problems with hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, aches & pains, and improved sleep patterns.

Phytoestrogen Botanical Plants - This alternative estrogen support formula contains the best-known combination of well-researched phytoestrogen botanicals.

Natural Herbal Supplements - These supplements may provide relief for some women. It's worth exploring these options......

It's been recommended and used by hundreds of women during with great success.

Additional Reading

Progesterone Cream - A study published in The British Journal of Dermatology documented the beneficial effects of using 2% natural progesterone cream on women during and after menopause.

The impressive results showed a 23% increase in firmness, 29% wrinkle reduction around the eye area (crows feet) and almost 10% reduction of the depth of laugh lines.

Menopause Itching - Find a simple, safe, natural cream to relive menopause itching...especially in those private areas.

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