Iced Anti Wrinkle Cream – Does It Work?

Thinking about purchasing Iced Anti Wrinkle Cream? How about a Botox Alternative?

Have you heard about Botox creams and serums claiming to be a Botox alternative? Well, don’t believe it. There are NO Botox creams or serum on the market that will work exactly like Botox…..creams and serums can never penetrate as deep as a Botox injection.

Iced Anti Wrinkle Cream - How Does It Work?

There are some products on the market – like Iced Anti Wrinkle Cream – that contain an amino acid called GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid) which is supposed to “relax” the muscle in the hopes that the certain facial expression you’re making that is causing the wrinkle – say a frown – won’t happen as often and the wrinkles in that area will soften a bit.

Well, this is not the same as Botox and even with these creams that claim to “freeze” the muscle, you can still move the muscle and will still continue to form lines and wrinkles in that area. However, the lines and wrinkles may not be as severe, so there may be some merit for these creams for those with very light, shallow lines….but no those with deep wrinkles or folds.

Best Anti Wrinkle Products - Better Than Best Botox Alternative

So are you still looking for the Best Botox Alternative or just best anti wrinkle product? Well instead of trying to find a natural alternative to Botox - look into products that are designed to reverse the signs of skin aging … newly discovered patented ingredients like Sesaflash, Matrixyl, and Renovage.

These new ingredients are formulated to work at the cellular level of the skin stimulating collagen and fibronectin.

One intense serum called Instant Effect Lifting Serum can accomplish several anti-aging effects:

  • Thicken the skin by stimulating collagen and fibronectin with a special peptide called Matrixyl. Matrixyl stimulates the lower layers of the skin to heal – which causes it to produce collagen. This works on the skin for the long term effect…
  • Provide an instant lift and tightening of the skin within 15 – 20 minutes. And it does this without that uncomfortable tight/dry feeling like some other products can cause.

  • Provide intense long term hydration - which plumps up the skin filling in existing lines and wrinkles. Even Botox injections or the Best Botox alternative creams can’t do this! In studies, researchers – using a corneometric measurement - checked the moisture levels in the skin for 30 minutes after application, then 2 hours, and 4 hour later. And they found that the skin was still deeply hydrated even after 4 hours after application.
  • Still not convinced? Click here to read the studies and see before and after pictures.

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