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Looking for a good stretch mark removal cream? Stretch mark creams are one of the most popular selling beauty products next to anti-wrinkle creams. 

Stretch marks (also called striate in dermatological terms) are caused when skin stretches further than it normally should, it tares and as a result stretch marks may occur.

Stretch marks can affect anyone – men, women, young, old – anyone can get them.

The lines in the skin begin with a red hue but become grayish over time. However, this color change doesn’t help those who experience stretch marks – as they are still visible.

So a stretch mark removal cream or stretch mark repair / treatment needs to not only exfoliate the upper layers of the dermis and reduce the thickness and length of the mark, but it needs to lighten any discolorations that will cause attention to that area.

Unfortunately the ton of commercial products doesn’t make that quest easy.

Your best bet when navigating the stretch mark removal market is look for glycolic skin care products that can help to erase or strip the upper layers of the skin .

This can also help reduce the ugly red/bluish lines, veins, and discoloration.

However, a powerful formula like this should NEVER be used on the face. It's too high on glycolic acid for the delicate areas of the face.

Stretch Marks Facts: What Are the Odds

For pregnant women, the skin changes during pregnancy almost guarantees the odds of getting stretch marks are huge.

At least ¾ of all women find they’re left with stretch marks. For women with fair skin and hair that number goes up to almost 90 percent! Men who work out and children going through intense growth periods are also at risk.

Stretch Marks Remover and Prevention

There is some controversy in the medical community as to whether stretch marks are preventable.

Some feel that a genetic link predisposes stretch marks, making skin changes during pregnancy nearly predictable (this would also explain the prevalence of pregnancy stretch mark creams).

Others feel that good nutrition and activity levels can decrease stretch marks after delivery of a baby, or after loosing weight.

Successful Stretch Mark Remedy

There are hundreds of stretch mark creams that claim to offer the best stretch mark repair or stretch mark remedies. This is especially true with pregnancy stretch mark cream products.

The truth about creams and stretch mark lotion products is that our bodies react very personally to the ingredients. Vitamin E may work for some, cocoa butter for others, or not at all.

The alternatives to stretch mark removal cream and stretch mark lotion is surgery - like a laser or chemical peel. While this works well on the thinner skin of the face, it may not work so well on the body.

And repeat treatments may be necessary.

For some fair skinned people (like me) these cosmetic treatments often leave a reddish/brownish mark which may be darker than the stretch mark itself.......very frustrating!

Plus these treatments can expensive. However, you should speak to your dermatologist for the best advice and to see if you're a good candidate for cosmetic laser surgery. You see, yes, surgery improves the visual impact, but you could still be dealing with ugly marks at the end of the day.

If you decide to try a topical stretch mark cream or lotion make sure it can accomplish a few things such as:

  • Remove dead skin through exfoliation
  • Repair and stimulate new fresh dermis cells
  • Rejuvenate by healing damage to the skin


Stretch Mark Remedy - Our Recommendation:

One of top stretch mark removal cream that we happen to like is gotu kola - glycolic based stretch mark lotion.

Just Do Not use this on the face!

This is a powerful formula specifically formulated for stubborn scars and stretch marks on the thicker skin of the body only.

This product is said to work best on light stretch marks and reduce the appearance of scars and other discolorations (such as sun damage and freckles) so it helps smooth stressed out skin and fade imperfections.

While there is no guarantee that every product will work as intended for everybody - but you never know how something will work until you try it.

Which is why I always recommend trying products with a money back guarantee. Most people have reported some results within 60 day trial period.

And, it's all natural and botanical so it won't further damage or weaken the dermis.

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