Symptoms and Treatments for Rosacea

Looking for symptoms and treatments for rosacea? Your not alone. Rosacea is a very common skin condition with over 14 million adults suffer from rosacea 

However, surprisingly over 78% of adults don’t know what the symptoms and treatments for rosacea are.

Hopefully, this will be your last search for an effective alternative treatment for rosacea!

There are alternative rosacea support systems for dry or oily skin treatment that comes in two different forms.

This allows you to tailor the remedy specifically for your complexion type...........this is important for proper healing.

Rosacea skin condition is a long term skin disease that causes redness, flushing, swelling, pimples and visible blood vessels on the face – especially the cheeks, chin, and nose.

Because rosacea causes severe redness, it often looks like a bad sunburn or gets labeled as adult acne.

Sometimes, rosacea can found on the scalp, ears, neck, chest, back. Some people even get rosacea in the eyes -- called ocular rosacea.

And in more serious conditions rosacea in the eyes is called Keratitis.

This term is used to describe a range of eye conditions where there is infection or inflammation of the cornea. Keratitis can cause severe eye pain, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision.

What Are The Symptoms And Treatments For Rosacea?

While the symptoms and treatments for rosacea will vary from person to depending on what part of the body is affected and how severe the disease is.

However, the most common symptoms include:

  • Constant Flushing and Redness - This is probably the most common rosacea symptom which looks like a bad sunburn that won’t go away. Using harsh cosmetics facial cleansers and creams can further aggravate the skin.
  • Pimples, blemishes, and bumps - While these pimples, bumps, and solid pus-filled pustules may look like acne without the blackhead and some people experience a stinging or burning irritation. This condition is often referred to as acne rosacea.
  • Flushing – Frequent flushing and redness (which can be confused with general shy blushing) is usually the first symptom in the early stages and it can come and go…..which is why some people may not even know that have it.
  • Visible Blood Vessels - This symptom usually shows up during the more severe stages of rosacea. During this stage the red lines (telangiectasia) in the face become more prominent due to enlarged blood vessels –usually show up on the nose and cheeks.

Natural Alternative Treatments For Rosacea

Rosacea medicines like Erythomycine, Accutane, Metronidazole and others only provide temporary reduction in the symptoms – but do not address the underlying causes of rosacea.

In addition, long term use of these drugs often carry uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous, side effects….especially effecting the liver.

While there may be many different types of treatments on the market - I always believe it’s best to use natural treatments for rosacea and any other type of skin disorder.

However, if you’re taking rosacea medication, always check with your physician before trying any natural or gentle treatments.

One natural cure that's been extremely successful for many people is a healing cream that comes into for dry and one for oily skin.

If you're interested click here to read more.... rosacea healing remedy.

This all natural, pesticide free, chemical free, drug free plant based oil will:

  • Eliminate discomfort and embarrassing skin eruptions by reducing the appearance of your rosacea
  • Heal current Rosacea with 100% natural essential oils, extracted from plants
  • Provide effective relief no matter what condition your skin is in or what stage of rosacea you have

Remember, if you want the skin to heal you need to use gentle effective treatments -- not harsh chemicals and toxic medications that cause damage to the skin and the liver.

Starting a natural treatment for rosacea causes now -- will eliminate the need for toxic and expensive treatments later.

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