What's The Best Under Eye Concealer

How do you select the best under eye concealer? Well, it really depends on what you need to accomplish and what under eye issues you have.

Got dark under eye circles or discoloration? Need to reduce the appearance of swollen bags or puffiness? Wish to cover-up fine lines? Or are you just looking for the best way to look brighter and more awake?

Best Under Eye Concealer - The Basics

Type: For best results make sure the product you choose is meant for the delicate under eye area. Don't use a basic face concealer - as this could exaggerate the very problem you're trying to cover-up.

Color: While there are many different colors on the market - generally you'll find 3 basic colors to choose from. Cool for those with very light/pink/blue undertones. Warm for those with fair/yellow complexion. And, dark for medium to dark complexion. Getting the right color makes a big difference and offers a very natural look! 

Texture: You basically have three choices here…… creamy stick, creamy pot, or liquid tube. The best decision depends on your complexion type and age. 

For example, the liquid tube is usually very thin in texture which gives it a natural look with medium coverage without exaggerating fine lines.

It usually works best for the delicate under eye area and for those over 40.

Well, I love Mommy Makeup shadow and concealer.... Because one item can serve 3 different makeup uses.

For example: Their eye shadow can serve as an eyeshadow, a highlighter, and cheek enhancer/lighter...

However, it may not be the best choice for everyone - at first. I had a hard time getting used to a pot of creamy color, instead of a hard pencil. But they give a beautiful and VERY POINTY Taklon eye brush. 

This makes all applications easier and more precise

The creamy pot is a little heavier and provides more coverage. It works best for concealing medium to dark circles, discoloration and imperfections. Generally, it's not too heavy. Making this type of under concealer the best for both the young and the mature.

The cream stick/tube is a bit harder to work with as it can be drier than the other two choices. But it usually offers the best coverage. If you have very dark under eye circles, this is probably your best bet.

However, these heavy product often accentuate fine lines - so it's not the best choice for a mature complexion.

What's Best for Under Eye Bags and Wrinkles?

If your main concern is dealing with that tired look along with puffiness or fine lines? Then concealers are not your best choice as they can make the situation worse.

You're better off using a combination reflecting/brightening product in a creamy texture.

Look for products with pearlescent reflecting mica particles which help to create an optical illusion to not only hide the bags – but help reduce the appearance of lines and brighten your complexion.

These types of products are best placed in tiny amounts in the corners, under the puffiness, and all around the upper brow area to brighten and provide a lifted appearance to the whole area.

Interested in more information? Click here Quick Fix To Reduce Puffiness.

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