Dysport is an injected treatment used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a patient’s face. It’s derived from the same source as the better-known treatment, Botox but has several advantages. Tests suggest that the newer drug takes effect within one or two days, as opposed to the five days for the older treatment.

The effects of a treatment also appear to last up to twice as long as Botox and some cases report that the beneficial effects have lasted up to a year. Thanks to this speed and longevity, patients and physicians consider it the new Botox, and potentially the best Botox alternative – but is it really?

Dysport vs. Botox

When administered the treatments are identical. A trained and licensed medical practitioner makes several injections into muscles that cause the skin to wrinkle. Within a day or two, the muscles become relaxed and the skin appears smoother.

As a non-surgical alternative to a traditional face-lift, your doctor can perform the procedure in his office within a few hours.

Dysport versus Botox......well it depends on who you speak to. The literature says that Dysport acts faster, yet many women have commented that it may take up to 5 days to see the effects. But, in the long run, it might be cheaper because it is said to last longer.

But - unit for unit, Botox is more powerful, so you might need three times the amount to gain the same benefit as one dose of Botox. While this may seem to be counter-productive, it allows your doctor to adjust the dose with more precision.

Your best bet is to speak with doctor as to which one he feels is best for you and which one he feels comfortable using.

The New Botox Risks:

As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved. Dysport can cause the body to produce anti-bodies. These anti-bodies are the body’s natural reaction to any substance that might be harmful.

While there have been no reports of harmful side effects from this new type of injectable, the effect of the anti-bodies is to negate any positive results.

In the rare cases where this occurs, the patient is essentially immune to the treatment........meaning over time, this new Botox won't work as effectively as the original Botox.

Injections of any sort can irritate the skin. Some symptoms can be mild discoloration, with bruising and tenderness in more extreme reactions. The most common way to alleviate these symptoms is to use an ice pack. If the symptoms persist or worsen, contacting a doctor is highly advised.

And as with all injectables - whether it's Botox or Dysport - it's important not to touch the injected area, exercises, or lay down for up to 6 hours after the injection.

Looking for a Botox Alternative?

For those who want to temporarily smooth out the appearance of wrinkles with lower risks and cost - there are topical Botox alternatives, such as Dermajuv.

While it doesn't work the same way as Botox and will not paralyze facial muscles, it help lift, smooth, and hydrate the area....improving the look of dry wrinkled skin.

This product is available through the Internet without a prescription. You can learn more about it here - Dermajuv.

The instant lift serum provides tightening of the skin within 15 and does so without that uncomfortable dry feeling. I tried this serum and found that it didn't have that tight feeling as with other lifting products.

In fact, when researchers conducted studies on the hydration factor – using a corneometric measurement – they tested the skin 30 minutes after application, then 2 hours, and 4 hour later – and found that the skin was still deeply hydrated.

My suggestion on how to use the lifting serum - This is how I use it. Apply the serum to the areas of your face that concern you. For me, it's always around my eye area.

Apply to clean skin and then try not to make any facial movements for about 15 minutes...until the serum is dry. Then you can continue applying your makeup as usual. This way the serum had a chance to smooth out the skin and set in well.

read the studies and see before and after pictures

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