A Real Restylane Alternative Cream for Sagging Skin

by Barb

Is there really an alternative to restylane injections? You know something that will fill in sagging skin that doesn't require cosmetic surgery face lift, medical insurance, or a prescription to get? You mentioned something on your site about an over-the-counter topical restylane cream. Can you tell me more about it?


Hi Barb,
Thanks for your question. Yes there is a new form of hyaluronic acid that's causing quite a stir in the cosmetic industry.

For years now a medical grade hyaluronic acid has been dominating the plastic surgery field in the form of dermal injections called Restylane. This derma injection can plump skin, fill in deep folds, eliminate wrinkles, and stimulate the body to produce collagen. The problem is the results were only temporary and repeated injections were needed every 3-6 months to maintain results. In addition, each session could cost anywhere from $300-600 per injection site.

Recently, researchers discovered an medical grade form of hyaluronic acid - 3 times more potent than the one used for derma injections - that can be applied onto the skin to obtain similar results.

Researchers found that when this topical form of hyaluronic acid was applied to the skin there was an 82% increase in fullness of the cheek area within just 14 days. After 1 month, study subjects reported a dramatic reduction in deep folds of the face.

Researchers suspect the immediate results are due to the ability of the hyaluronic acid to hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. This helps to provide an immediate plumping of the skin filling out wrinkles and folds. With long term use, they found that hyaluronic acid can help stimulate filling skin fibers thereby firming up the skin.

Topical hyaluronic acid has been used in various cosmetic products for years with disappointing results. So, what makes this new form so different?

While, researchers won’t reveal their trademark secrets, they do say the main difference between this new, potent, medical-grade topical hyaluronic acid and what’s been used previously, is the potency. Most cosmetic companies either use too little hyaluronic acid in their product or too low of a concentration to make a difference.

They claim to have discovered a way to produce a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid serum that penetrates deep into the skin providing dramatic results with little skin irritation.

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Mar 26, 2010
Where to purchase?
by: Anonymous

Where can someone purchase Hyaluronic acid restylane cream?

Hi There,

From what I understand you can purchase it from The Doctors Show web site. I believe it's called Dermal FX. However, it retails for over $160.00 for a tiny bottle(0.5 fl oz0. Plus, I read that it contains some possibly harmful ingredients like: Parabens, sodium laurly sulfates and propylene glycol.

I use the Anti-Aging Duo which is free from those dangerous ingredients and contains hyaluronic acid AND Omega 3 Ceramides so it's deeply hydrating without being greasy. I hate greasy skin products!!!

This is really a beautiful cream and feels great on my skin.

Here is some more information on this product...
Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

And, it's much cheaper.

Feb 23, 2010
restyline cream
by: Anonymous

Where do you find restyline cream?


I think you're referring to Hyaluronic Acid serum??? You see, Restylane injections contain medical grade hyaluronic acid.

Now there is a new hyaluronic acid serum that also contains vitamin B5 to help plump up the skin.

Please click on this link Hyaluronic Acid Research to learn more about hyaluronic acid serums.

Thanks, I hope this helped.

Mar 27, 2009
restylane alternative
by: Barb

That's great. Thanks I'll look into it.

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