Do You Suffer From Abscess Skin Boils?

Are they pimples or abscess boils? Sometimes it's hard to tell because a skin abscess usually looks like a red tender pimple in the early stages.

This is actually your body’s protection mechanism against infection that has developed within.

However, over time, the center of the abscess gets harder as it fills up with pus.

And, while it's good to have the infection contained in one area....................

This mechanism prevents white blood cells from attack the bacteria - which can lead to inflammation and pain.

Over time, abscess skin boils may become large and pretty painful. Sometimes they become so filled with pus, that they may burst without treatment or lancing.

Boils or Blisters?

pictures of abscess skin boils

Before trying any treatment, make sure what you have is a boil, and not a blister.

The picture to the left is a blister, not a boil.

However, the picture below is of a small boil just starting out.

You can usually identify a boil by the red ring with a white center. The white center gets larger as the infection builds.

Some people even confuse a pimple rash for a crop of boils.

Proper treatment first requires an understanding of what you have.

This is especially important if you have boils on the face. You need to be extra careful here not to cause damage or scarring.

These abscesses can occur almost anywhere on the body from the genital/groin area to the hair follicles in the eye lashes.

If you're not sure what you have check out pictures of boils for more information.

Depending on where it's located and how severe the infection is - you may or may not be able treat the boil yourself.

If it's very painful or in a sensitive area, you may require minor surgery called lancing.

This is where a doctor makes a small incision to the head of the boil and allow the pus to drain. After this antibiotic creams or pills may be prescribed to prevent further spreading of infection.

There are a lot of natural treatments ranging from warm compresses to an herbal poultice made with ingredients you can find in your own kitchen...........

Some are simple, some are messy, and some may be impossible or difficult to use depending on where it's located. So when in doubt, always check with a physician.

In case you're interested, there are some over-the-counter herbal/homeopathic treatment remedies too. 

What Causes Abscess Boils?

The most general causes of skin boils is an over growth of a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. Other causes of skin boils could be an ingrown hair, or even a splinter.

Sometimes boils can erupt from ingrown hair or cystic acne. However, ingrown hair is usually the most common reason for boils around the groin area and buttocks.

Once a boil stars infection and pus (composed of white blood cells) builds up.

This is actually the body’s way of trying to stop the infection. Often a whitehead develops when the pus comes up to the skin surface.

Immediate treatment for boils may be important to prevent further complications, especially if it's very large, painful, or near the eyes.

Also, if the boils are on the fingers or hands, it’s important not to handle or prepare food as the bacteria could spread to other people or even other parts of the body. Remember, boils are very contagious!

Types of Boils

There are many types of boils and many different pictures of boils, however, the 4 most common types are:

  • Cystic acne. You'll usually find this type of boil on the face. It's caused by a clogged pore that sometimes gets infected. It's also most likely found in teenagers who are having problems with breakouts and acne.
  • Carbuncle or furuncle. This type of skin abscess is caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcus aurus. A common symptom is a high fever or chills.

  • Pilonidal cysts. You'll usually find this skin boil in warm creases or folds of the skin - like around the buttocks. The warmth and moisture combined with the constant pressure from sitting for long periods - cause irritation of the blocked hair follicles. That is why most people who experience this usually find it happens after a long trip.

  • Hidradenitis suppurativa. While not so common, this boil is probably the most uncomfortable to deal with. The person may experience several skin boils in small areas like the armpits or groin area. They can also be infected which is why antibiotics or surgical procedure is need to remove the sweat glands. 

Treating Abscess Skin Boils
and Prevention

Treating boils as soon as possible is very important. When a skin boil develops, you must take care not to spread it – remember skin boils are contagious.

If the cause of skin boils is due to a splinter or ingrown hair, the object or hair should be removed and the area and skin duct needs to be well cleaned and kept clean.

This will keep the bacteria from growing and prevent the boil from spreading.

Since skin boils are contagious you not only need to treat the ones you have, but need to start a good prevention routine to prevent them from spreading to other areas of the body.

If they become infected or you tend to get them frequently, you should consider seeing a doctor.

Always use common sense when dealing with abscess skin boils. If an infection sets in or you notice other serious side effects - like pain or fever - don’t wait to treat it, see your doctor right away.

Interested in all natural treatment ideas for healthier skin, look into Native Remedies.

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