My homemade acne treatment..

by Diane

Ivory soap! That always worked for me. I'd rub a thick amount of wet ivory soap on a few acne pimples before going to bed and the next day, they would dry up and flake off. I still had left over red marks, but at least the angry looking zit was gone.

The only problem is another one would crop up else where.


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Acne Organic Help for Adult Acne and Wrinkles

I need help but I want to use acne organic products because I suffer from adult acne and wrinkles too. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your question. Yes, it's important to use gentle products if you suffer from adult acne and wrinkles too. Because many acne products are too harsh for mature skin and can your wrinkles look even worse.

The editors of Wrinkle Free Skin Tips have found organic, all natural remedies for breakouts. These products are especially helpful for acne prone sensitive skin.

Click here Help For Acne to learn more. Be sure to view the video of Lacy, Actress/Model who uses these products too.

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acne problem

i have acne problem..recently i have acne which is neither braking out nor vanishing out..its becoming hard and black..what should i do for ripe them , break them and drain out the pus..any natural remedies?
Hi, Thanks for your question. Those hard blackheads you describe is just oil that has hardened and plugged up in your pores.

When the oil comes to the surface and in contact with oxygen, it oxidizes and becomes black. Then it hardens and clogs the pore. That is the part you see on your face.

You need to do 2 things....

1. reduce the excess oil production(without over drying and damaging your skin) and

2. Clear out those blackheads so your skin will look smoother.

For natural remedies - try steaming your face over a hot bowl of water, with a towel covering your head. Or take a sauna or hot shower.

Then once the pores are opened and the oil plugs are soft try to exfoliate gently using a mixture of baking soda and sugar. Mix the two together into a paste and massage lightly over the affected area. Be sure to rinse well.

Also, a few times a week apply a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice over the affected area. If you skin is very sensitive, don't use the lemon juice right after the scrub. Wait until later or the next day.

In addition to natural remedies I highly recommend a more aggressive approach. You see the natural remedies won't stop the oil production - which causes those black heads and clog pores.

I recommend a 3 step approach which includes a scrub, face wash, and Chinese herbs that treat healthy skin from the inside and helps to balance stress and hormones that cause excess oil production.

This 3 Step Acne System comes together in one package. I have had a lot of success with this system and it's very health to the skin too...especially those herbs.

Click here to Read more.

Please keep me posted and let me know how it goes.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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