Simple Acne Scar Healing Tips

Yes, unfortunately, fading or healing acne scars is a process is very slow process and some may never have totally perfect skin............

But, take heart, you can significantly improve your complexion and even soften a few lines and wrinkles in the process.

Professional Treatments: If you suffer from post acne damage or discoloration, then you've probably explored professional options.

For the sake of simplicity here - we'll discuess over-the-counter products and methods that you can try to help smooth your complexion for much less cost.

While these options may not provide the same dramatic result as professional treatments. But, depending on your condition, some may very pleased with the results.

On the upside - The products suggested here may help encourage healing and reduce the appearance - all while helping to improve wrinkled, damaged, blotchy skin.

First Healing Tip

Prescription Retin-A - This can be an excellent choice and much less expensive than lasers or chemical peels.

But, there can be some initial discomfort and side-effects - which usually subside after the first 3-6 months.

However, If you can't afford a prescription, consider trying retinol serums or creams which are derived from the vitamin A molecule. 

For best results - look for high potency retinol creams ( 0.6 -0.9%) is best for post acne scaring.

While not as strong as prescription Retin-A, retinols work slowly to help shed upper cell layers and can not only improve the look of the scar, but can help soften fine lines and discoloration.

Second Healing Tip

Hydroxy Acids - can help "unglue" dead skin cells allowing them to exfoliated easier. This helps reveal smoother, tighter skin underneath.

For best results consider applying a pH balanced hydroxy acid serum for less irritation. And if possible look for a higher percentage serum like 30% esthetician grade hydroxy acid serum.

Warning: Do not use this if you are also using Retin-A, Retinols, or benzoyl peroxide products. The serum is powerful. If you're taking any acne medication, please check with your doctor before using anything else. 

Third Healing Tip

While this suggestion is pretty simple, it can help provide instant smoothing and healthier looking skin.

A good scar healing facial done a few times a year can also help reduce discoloration, fine lines, and soften wrinkles.

The facial is simple and can be done in three steps:

  • One - use a professional grade dermabrasion scrub that helps remove dirt, dead cells, unclog pores, and soften raised or rough patches. This makes the scar thinner, lighter, and less visible.

  • Two - follow up with a gentle lightener that can help lighten red spots, discoloration and blotchy spots that often accompanies scars and an aging complexion. This lotion is so effective people call it the "eraser."

  • Three - finish off with a light moisturize that contains healing antioxidants - like vitamin C  This can further aid in making your complexion look smoother and healthier. 

This type of facial isn't just for those looking for ways to heal acne scars.

Learn more about the scar healing facial...

It can be used by anyone who wishes to freshen up their complexion.

Just one word of caution - the facial suggested here is potent and you should follow directions carefully and be sure to use a potent sunscreen and avoid prolong sun exposure the first few weeks following a treatment.

Note: These suggestions are for post acne scar healing. If you still have active acne, do not use these suggestions. Click here for more info....Help for Acne.

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