Asteatotic Eczema

Pictures of Asteatotic Eczema patterns resembles the look of cracked porcelain."

Have you noticed more issues with Nummular and Asteatotic eczema flare-ups during dry or cold weather?

Do you normally suffer from dry skin?

If so, you could be more prone to dermatitis. 

Even if the eczema is no longer active, many people find themselves looking for ways to help reduce wrinkles that resulted from chronic rubbing and scratching or from steroid use........

Especially if it occurred around the eyes or face.

During this time flare-ups increase greatly and the person may experience an increase in splits, cracks, bleeding, and fissures due to water loss of the epidermis.

Some may experience inflammation and leg edema (swelling).

This type of dermatitis is similar to nummular in that it’s a condition of excessively dry dermis.

Asteatotic is more common in people over 60 years of age and seems to affect men more than women but causes much distress for both sexes.

Asteatotic Eczema - What Does Eczema Look Like?

asteatotic eczema pictures of eczema

Asteatotic condition generally occurs on the shins of the legs and sometimes on the hands and body. It’s characterized by:

  • dry, cracked, fissures
  • scaly dermis
  • a pattern of lines and cracks similar to the look of cracked porcelain or a cracked pavement
It is no surprise that these types Asteatotic and Nummular conditions occur more often during the dry, cold winter months where humidity is decreased due to the use of heaters.

During this time flare-ups increase greatly and the person may experience an increase in splits, cracks, bleeding, and fissures due to water loss of the epidermis.

Some may experience inflammation and leg edema (swelling). Keeping the area moist and hydrated at all times is very important in relieving symptoms.

Causes of Asteatotic Eczema

While there are many causes the most common ones including:

Medical Causes of Eczema

  • Decreased sweat gland activity due to aging
  • Deficiency of zinc and/or fish oil
  • Thyroid disorders including Myxedema
  • Prescription drug including diuretics
  • Certain cancers and treatments including breast cancer, large cell lung cancer, and colorectal cancer

Environmental Causes of Eczema

  • Bathing too often or using too much hot water
  • Wearing irritating or rough clothing like wool
  • Harsh detergents, cleansers, and solvents
  • Decreased sweat gland activity due to aging
  • Low humidity and cold winds
  • Infrequent use of proper moisturizers that help trap and maintain water retention

Asteatotic Eczema - Natural Gentle Treatment

People are always looking for natural eczema cures or at least non-toxic treatments for this type of eczema skin symptoms.

Doctors will often prescribe a strong cortisone ointment that is applied to the affected areas.

However, this ointment should not be used for long periods of time or on large areas of the body. Also, when using this toxic prescription, it is recommended that you receive periodic dermatology exams.

Try to avoid the irritants listed above including laundry detergents and rough clothing.

Try to wear only 100% cotton clothing, do not use fabric softeners or dyer sheets and wash all clothing, towels, and bed sheets with dye free, fragrance free, detergent free laundry soaps.

And most important, keep the area lubricated since dryness aggravate asteatotic symptoms and flare-ups.

That's why it's important to use products especially formulated for eczema sensitive skin this helps keep it hydrated so it can heal.

The feedback from the DermCare System has been positive....especially for treating asteatotic type conditions.

One of the reasons why it works so well is because the product is free from common irritants and fragrances.

It contains:

  • hydrating oils
  • rose hip
  • borage oil
  • flax seed
  • certified sunflower oil.

This wash/moisturizer combo is also excellent for those with extra sensitive or dry skin too............................

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Other natural treatment suggestions include:

  • Take vitamin E and/or Fish oil
  • Limit water exposure - Do not take more than one shower or bath per day
  • Wash with lukewarm water – Never Hot water
  • After washing, blot the dry and apply a well performing, moisture immediately.

The suggestions above are all excellent choices for treating the symptoms of asteatoic eczema or any other type of dry/sensitive/dermatitis conditions.

As an advisor for over 25 years, I've done my best to find solutions for various conditions and highly recommend this to all of my visitors with much confidence.

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