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Nov 19, 2010
My experience with Accutane.
by: James

I took the drug when I was 18 yrs old, it did wonders for my extreme acne i suffered with for years, however If i had the chance to not take it.

I would have never taken it. I was fine until almost 6 mos after I stopped taking the drug I had sudden symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and actions.

And it completely flipped my life upside down I lost my job my apartment, my new car and I was on the verge of killing myself.

Prior to this I had never had any signs of mental illness whatsoever.

I am now 24 and although I have come a long way from where I was I can no longer work I take 4 diff kinds of medicines just to stay somewhat sane.

And I also depend on social security disability, If I could warn anyone I would say STAY AWAY from accutane its not worth having a clear completion in exchange for your mental health.

Also my acne slowly came back through the years so don't do it. Its been so much pain to my family to watch me go from a smart ambitious young man to a extremely suicidal maniac.

I have so much hate for the makers of this drug all I want is my sanity back PLEASE!!!

Wow, James! That's a sad story. I'm so sorry to hear of your suffering.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us. Hopefully, many others will read this blog and take warning.

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