What's Your Best Eye Wrinkle Cream?

We all want the "best eye wrinkle cream" don't we?

But wrinkle creams are like opinions - everyone has one - but they may all not agree with you.

Make sure you understand what you need before you begin to shop for an eye wrinkle product.

If you're looking to reduce the apperance of wrinkles - a cream that hydrates and plumps the dermis - should be your first choice.

Let's face it - short of cosmetic surgery - there is no cure for eliminating wrinkles.

Hydrating is the best way to improve the appearance and health of the surrounding tissue.......

If you're over 35 you probably have some lines and wrinkles, around the eye area. Mostly due to dryness.

By at this age - some of you may also be dealing with puffiness and dark circles too.....

So let's talk about a cream that helps to combat:

  • loss of collagen and elastin
  • dry sagging skin
  • dark circles
  • puffiness

Not many products are formulated to handle multiple problems of the aging eye area.

A simple hydrating moisturizing cream may not be enough and sometimes can cause more problems.

For example, a basic moisturizer may make the area feel better (less dry) but it also cause puffiness due to the oils it contains.

These heavy, creamy eye products can also leave a greasy shiny look.........a matte finish is wonderful for hiding lines and wrinkles.

Plus, so we're not getting younger - it would be helpful to have an eye product that also contains collagen boosting ingredients.

Has this happen to you?

You apply an eye cream and initially it feels good, but a few hours later you don't notice anything at all.

If you're 35 years old or older, you might be better off with a dual product that not only hydrates to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles but also helps to:

  • decongest and shrink puffiness
  • lighten and fad dark circles
  • tighten and lift
  • help to repair damaged by helping to encourage collagen production

A Good Wrinkle Cream to Consider...

Is a light serum that's loaded with vitamin C! 

I've become a fan of serums, instead of heavy creams - especially for daytime use. 

Documented study results indicate that a reduction of wrinkle depth can be seen in as little as two weeks.

It also contains matrixyl and caffeine to help remove puffiness, reduce lines & tighten the skin. Absorbs quickly.

AND with each use, it can help regenerate sensitive, thinning, eye skin so it would look better and better with continuous use.

Additional Suggestions:

For extra support to minimize the look of wrinkles and pull in puffy under eye skin, consider the Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck serum. 

It's like a flexible girdle for the under eye skin.

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