Best wrinkle filler without silicone?

by Sandra

Hi There,

I'm a big fan of your wrinkle free blog and was wondering if you can suggest a good product to help plump up the skin and hide my wrinkles, especially those tiny wrinkles under the eyes.

I've even tried Botox, but that only works for the wrinkles at the corner of my eyes. My dermatologist said that he can't use Botox for the lines directly under the eyes.

The only option he offered was laser surgery to remove the damaged skin. I'm so not going to do that!!!!

I've tried a few wrinkle fillers, some from the drug store and some expensive ones from department stores. But, I think I'm allergic to that silicon filler ingredient because my skin becomes very irritated after using any wrinkle filler a few times.

Any suggestions? Makeup doesn't cover the wrinkles, so please don't suggest that I try to hide them using a concealer because in my opinion, it only makes it worse.

Sandra from Canada

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your email regarding wrinkle fillers. So glad you find the website helpful.

I think the ingredient you're referring to is Silicone Elastomer which is the active ingredient in most wrinkle filler creams and serums.

This ingredient helps make the skin surface smoother and makes lines less visible by sort of "filling them in" temporarily.

Some products work better than others and last longer than others.

It really depends on several factors including your age, skin type, and how deep or severe your wrinkles are.

I can suggest a product for you to try based on my personal experience and comments from my blog visitors.

There is a cream that I recently tried that does not try to fill the wrinkle (like most products do) but rather hides it - so it's less visible.

What I love about this product is that it's not a serum, but a smooth white cream - so it's not drying to the skin. The last place you want dryness is around the eye area.

Also, it does not contain silicone, but instead hyaluronic acid to help plump/hydrate the area.

Plus, it contains light reflecting particles so it makes that area less visible.

I simply love it! For me - it works great. I mostly use it to hide the crinkly skin under the eyes.

I use it differently than described on the bottle. I apply it OVER my sunscreen and makeup......instead of under. It's the last thing I apply.

I dab a tiny bit over the areas that bother me and let it dry. Since it has a matte finish it's great to use on areas that are sort shiny or greasy - like forehead and nose.

The manufacture also states it can be used to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and I can see why because it provides a smooth matte appearance.

So, I also smooth a little over the nasal labial folds around the nose/cheek area too. Click here to read more hide wrinkles.

I'm always experimenting with different types of anti-aging, wrinkle filler type products and right now, this is the best that I have found (for me) that provides temporary, but immediate results.

This is not to say that I don't still do facial exercises and use copper peptides to help prevent more wrinkles....but these things take time. Sometimes we just want to look good right now! :-)

Hope this helps.

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Mar 23, 2012
I just tried this skin product to hide wrinkles & puffy eyes
by: J.C.

Hi There,

Ok, so I went ahead and bought that skin product to hide wrinkles because I read it can help hide problems like enlarged pores and puffy eyes.

I mostly suffer from puffy eyes due to terrible allergies. Especially during this time of year.

I got the wrinkle filler yesterday and really didn't have time to use it.

So tonight, I'm going to a party and my eyes are really puffy from allergies. I took my allergy pill (like I always do) and I applied this cream to the under eye areas.

Well, it really works.

I mean, my eyes are still a bit puffy, but some how it's not that noticeable. But, I have to tell you that it does take time for this effect.

I applied the cream like you do, after my makeup. And the area looked shiny for a few minutes. I didn't notice anything different.

Then I got busy talking on the phone and when I came back to the mirror, about 20 minutes later, the skin around my eye area look smooth and not shiny at all.

So tomorrow I'm going to experiment and put it on my forehead and around my nose where it's always shiny and I have large pores.

Anyway, got to go, just wanted to share that with you all.


Mar 20, 2012
Can this cream cause puffy eyes?
by: Chris

Hi Linda,

I just read your recommendation about the cream to hide wrinkles. Can I use it around the eyes if I suffer from puffy eyes?

I can't seem to use any type of cream, sometimes even an eye cream seems to cause some puffiness around the eye area.

I sleep with extra pillows to keep my head elevated which helps a bit. I don't eat much salt and try to only use serums around my eyes, but I have some wrinkles and lines I would like to hide.

Many of these type of serums are too drying for me too. Please tell me what you think.

Hi Chris,

I'm sorry, but I really couldn't say if this light weight cream will cause your eyes to puff up or not.

When you're that sensitive (sounds like you have some allergies) it's hard to say, and you'll probably need to try it for yourself to see.

However, I can tell you that - at least for me - this cream seems to make my eyes look less puffy on those days when I haven't had enough sleep or when the season is changing and the pollen is high.

Mind you it's not meant to reduce puffy eyes like a decongesting product that is especially formulated for eye puffiness.

But, the cream leaves a nice comfortable matte finish and has light reflecting particles so it sort of "hides" imperfections of all types.....which is the part I love so much.

I can tell you that while it's not greasy at all, it does contain hyaluronic acid which is a hydrator. For most people this is even better than a product loaded with oils.

You can learn more about it here hide wrinkles.

I hope this information helped.

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