Looking For A Blackhead Remover?

Homemade Mask, Scrubs, And Other Tips

What’s the best blackhead remover? Well, it depends on whom you ask. There are a few different ways to get rid of blackheads depending on your skin type and how bad they are…...... 

Your choices range from homemade masks and scrubs to blackhead remover tools - called a comedone extractor, and potent over-the-counter beta hydroxy acids and serums to help melt away hardened oil plugs. 

In, fact, people prone to blackheads, breakouts, and clogged pores, might have better results by using a combination of the tools listed above. For some reason, certain people are more prone to blackheads than others.

Usually, they have excessive oily skin, so a weekly and monthly routine to stay on top of things is usually a good idea.

It's amazing that something so simple can be such a problem for our complexion. After all a blackhead is just a mixture of dead skin cells, sebum (oils), and bacteria that builds up naturally inside your pores.

However, if too many build up or they aren't removed on a regular basis the problem can get worse and lead to enlarged pores, irritation, redness, or breakouts.

Your first line of defense is to exfoliate away those dead cells and "melt" the oil plug away with a serum that also helps to remove discoloration too.

A skin eraser kit is perfect for this type of problem.

Why are blackheads black in color? It's the build up of oil and debris (that gets pushed up through the pore and to the top of the skin).

And once exposed to oxygen – it harden and changes color turning into a dark brown, black plug….(or the medical term is open comedo.)

So keeping those pores clean on a regular basis is important. But remember this - if you already have a bad case of blackheads - it will take time to help reduce them and their size.

Another point to consider, pores tend to get larger as we age because our skin tends to sag......stretching the skin causing the pores to appear larger. Aside from plastic surgery or face exercises there's not much you can do about sagging facial skin.

Homemade Blackhead Removers

homemade blackhead remover masks using lemons and oranges

Ok, so what are the best ways to remove blackheads? Well, first it’s best to prevent them by practicing good hygiene. Simply washing your face is not always enough.

First of all some facial cleansers either overly dry the skin or don’t clean them well enough.

When choosing a face wash try to select pH balanced soap free facial cleanser - like Cetaphil. You might want to consider using a good facial scrub once or twice a week too….especially around the nose area.

A simple scrub can be made with an even mixture of baking soda, brown sugar (or regular sugar), and one teaspoon of lemon juice.

Mix the sugar and sugar, then add lemon juice to make a paste. Then scrub this paste lightly on the affected areas like the nose and chin. Make sure to rinse well and apply an oil free moisturizer.

Now this one is a bit strange, but some people swear that it works to loosen the oil plug so you can squeeze it without causing too much trauma to the surrounding tissues......

1. Boil a 1/2 cup of water and one teaspoon of regular salt or Epsom salt.

2. Now add a few drops of iodine (you can get iodine at your local drug store for pennies) and let it cool to a warm (not too cool) temperature. Do not use when it's very hot.....

3. Dip a washcloth or cotton pads into the water and apply to the affected area for a few minutes.

Do this until water has completely cooled off. Now you can try to gently squeeze the blackhead using a tissue or cotton/gauze pad. If the blackhead is still hard, repeat the process above.

How To Make Blackhead Remover Masks

Now as for a homemade blackhead remover mask, a simple one is to crush up a few plain regular aspirins (non-coated) then add a tiny amount of water to make a paste.

Apply this paste – like a mask – on the affected areas and let it dry. Once it’s dry, add a little bit of water and rub gently then rinse very well.

black head remover wrinkle free skin tips

Aspirin naturally contain salicylic acid which acts as a mild exfoliator on the outer layers of the skin. It also helps to clean out and unclog the pores. 

You can actually apply this salicylic acid all over your face (avoiding the eye area) and leave it on like a mask. Your skin will feel incredible!! It will be fresher, smoother, and brighter. 

Another mask to try is mixing equal parts of sugar and honey and heating it until it's a bit bubbly then let it cool off a bit. Once cooled -enough to touch but before it becomes hard - use your fingers or a dip stick and spread over the troubled areas. 

Lightly press a thin piece of cloth and let it cool off completely....then quickly pull off the cloth in the opposite direction. 

Make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients in the mask - if in doubt - always test in a small area first. 

Once a month it's a good idea to try a professional clay facial mask.... especially if you’re prone to breakouts. Consider trying a botanical montmorillonite clay mask. This is an excellent choice if you happen to have very oily skin. 

Also, once a month (or more often if you have problems with breakouts and discoloration) use a Skin Eraser Kit. 

This kit has an oil absorbing clay scrub to get rid of dead cells - which only make blackheads and clogged pores worse. And a blackhead melting fruit acid serum that helps "unglue" the dead cells and clear them from the pores. 

The serum is applied to problem areas like dark spots from previous breakouts, blackheads, and age spots or fine lines. It lasts forever, because you only need a small amount - so it's an inexpensive way to get a "cleaning facial." 

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