Body Acne Cures

Body acne cures? How often do you find over-the-counter body acne medicine? Hardly!

Come on ....... we've all had a pimples from time to time on the chest, arms, or back. I don't know why there aren't more natural treatments or body acne cures on the market - because it's very prevalent.

Everything from big pimples on the chest to those pesky white bumps you can get on your legs and back of the arms. I notice them more in the winter time.

Sometimes these pimples even get infected and turn red and angry looking! If you suffer from body acne, especially this kind, then you know how embarrassing it is to expose your chest, shoulders or back in public.  

In addition, if you don’t take care of your body acne, there is a great chance of suffering from deeper and permanent scars. 

Yes, this is difficult and time consuming to maintain all the skin on your body but there are some easy, and inexpensive body acne treatments that you can do in your shower a few times a week.

Continue reading below for solutions to your body acne questions and to learn about some wonderful soothing, and effective body acne cures that work and help exfoliate your whole body.

body acne cures - pictures of acne - body acne  pictures

Ok, so we're trying to get rid of back acne and hopefully prevent back acne scars.

Did you know that many people who suffer from facial acne will also experience body acne and body acne scars at some point in their lives? So you're not alone here.......

Some stats show that up to 90% of facial acne suffers develop acne on their shoulders, back, and chest.

Because body acne can be so widespread and cover the top half of the body, only a small percent of those who have it actually try body acne treatments, or acne body lotions.

While there are medications for body acne, most people suffer negative side effects from long term use of body acne medicine.

Body Acne Cures

I hate to bore you you probably already know what causes acne -- but I should mention it here anyway for those who are not too familiar with it.

Basically, it's caused by the same factors that cause facial acne -- excess oil, clogged pores and overgrowth of bacteria.

In the case of the back and shoulder, the bacteria is usually due to sweat because the pores on the body are bigger and are much more active than on the face.

Also, rubbing from clothing - especially tight clothing or work out type clothes - can irritate the skin even further. That's why it's a good idea to wear light, loose, breathable clothing when trying to cure body acne.

Other causes of body acne can be traced to hormone imbalances which also cause oil glands to go into over drive clogging pores and causing infections bacterial growth.

So the best way to keep body acne under control is to reduce oil production and make it difficult for acne forming bacteria to grow on the skin.

Treatments for Body Acne Cures

If you're like me (and most people) you're probably looking for least inexpensive, natural way to cure for body acne. Many have tried home remedies without much success.

Unfortunately, as nice as home remedies are.......... they don't work as well as professional products that are specifically geared for the tough dermis on the body.

The skin on the body is different and much thicker than on your face. However, there are some products available to help improve skin health gently and without harsh chemicals.....

Zenmed makes gentle acne treatment systems that can really help improve your skin and get rid of pimples, bumps, and dry patches.

You can even use their products when the acne is gone for a smoother, healthier ook ............ 

How does it work?

Body Wash - First you wash everyday using the botanical, herbal body wash. Make sure to concentrate on the arms, neck, and back.

It foams up pretty well making it easier to reach those hard areas like the middle and lower back. This wash contains exfoliating particles that scrub the skin gently - so it feels really smooth and soft. Use a wash cloth for more exfoliating effects.

Body Mask Spot Treatment - This natural clay based botanical mask is smoothed over the skin with stubborn pimples and acne spots. Leave it on for 2-5 minutes or some people leave it on overnight and then shower off.

The oregano oil and salicylic acid in the mask really helps it penetrate the skin, absorbing excess dirt and oil and unclogging the pores.

While this simple two step body acne cure process only take about 8 minutes and only has to be repeated 2-3 times per week.

It accomplishes a lot. It helps heal and reduce scarring and red marks from existing acne, clear the pores, and ultimately, prevent new acne from forming.

Follow this link to see before and after pictures and for more information on ZenMed Body Acne Treatments.

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