What Causes Boils on Buttocks?

Best Home Remedies and Homeopathy Treatments

Boils on buttocks? Ouch!

When a boil forms in this area it's usually due to friction....either from tight clothing, sitting too long, or both.

This area may start out as a little sore spot - like a pimple, but can turn pretty serious as bacteria gets into the skin and could become infected.

If you boil is infected, do not try home remedies for boils! Go directly to your doctor and have him lance it.  

If this infection is not treated, it can become very hard and very painful. Sometimes you'll see a big white spot in the very center of the boil.

boil skin abscess

This is usually pus and infection and it can spread...which is why trying to treat it yourself is usually not a good idea.

So what are these boils and why are they so common? Basically, a boil is a type of skin infection.

These skin abscesses usually occur from a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus. In the beginning the boil start out as a small bump or nodule.

Then it gradually grows bigger as it gets filled with more pus - which is a whitish substance that is highly infectious.

You must be very carefully if you drain the boil at home because of this. Boils can become a serious skin condition!

Home Treatment of Boils on Buttocks

What does your boil look like? If there isn't a hard white center, it's not extremely painful, or it's not infected - the boil may usually respond well to some natural home treatments.

homeopathic spray for boils

In fact, many people have tried homemade remedies to treat blisters and boils on the buttocks or groin area.

Below, I've listed some natural home remedies for boils including herbal home remedies and organic homeopathic treatments:

  • garlic and onion compress - this one may be a bit smelly, but many people have had success with this one. Chop or crush a clove or garlic or a small onion (or both) and put it into a cheese cloth.

    The place the cloth on the affected area for a few minutes at a time. This compound can help bring the boil to a head faster, so it can be lanced. However, if the skin becomes irritated, stop using it and see a doctor.
  • Castor bark - Ground up castor back can help get rid of boils quickly. Take ground up castor bark powder and then add water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the affected area once a day.
  • Hot Compress - take wash cloth and soak in hot water. The apply the hot compress to the affected area several times daily. The heat will help draw the boil to a head. This needs to be done several times a day and the compress should be as warm as you can stand.
  • Homeopathy Spray - while this one isn't a home remedy, it comes in a spray bottle and helps reduce the boil and incidence of boils from inside the body. This all all natural homeopathic medicine. is taken internally – 3 sprays under the tongue once a day. And does not require a prescription.

This method is quick because it by passes the digestive track and is immediately absorbed into the blood stream the minute you spray it under your tongue.

The doctor tested unique spray application the allows it to get into your system much faster and help reduce symptoms -- like pain, inflammation, stinging, itching, and sensitivity quickly.

And, for boils on buttocks, this is probably the most convenient method....since you don't have to worry about messy creams and lotions staining your clothes or taking toxic drugs for boils.

I am a big fan of homeopathic medicines for their effectiveness and safety. A lot of people don't know much about homeopathy and how it works.

Homeopathy medicine and remedies are used for a variety of health conditions - include skin disorders and boils. Click on the link below to learn more....

Many alternative doctors have recommended BoilX to their patients for a toxic free, immediately relief of boils and to prevent future ones from occurring.

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