Botox Cost

Botox cost and safety is of primary consideration when considering cosmetic surgery. The overall price varies greatly depending on where you are treated.

The average cost in the United States is around $470, with the highest cost for a single treatment being in New York City at $500.

The lowest price reported is $300 in Costa Mesa, California.  

Please keep in mind these are just averages and prices will vary depending on how many areas you are treating.

If you're considering getting Botox, there are several ways to reduce costs. First, consider getting the injections only in the areas of the most concern ..i.e. deepest wrinkles.

Generally, the forehead/brow wrinkles seem to age us the most. 

So consider only getting injections in those areas and skip the crow's feet area if money is a concern. I've seen people in their twenty's with crow's feet.

However, those forehead and in-between the brow furrows can really make you look older and tired. 

Botox Units

Also, pay attention to how your doctor charges - is it by the unit (CC or cubic centimeter) or the area of injection?

A CC is a volume measurement for most syringes, but, this may not be the best - economically speaking - for you and your wallet.

You see Botox comes in a dry powdered form. Then the doctor must add saline to reconstitute it.

So - depending how much saline they have added - you could be paying for a CC of Botox that is "watered down" so to speak.

This is why it may not be a good idea to pay by the CC's but instead pay for the area of injection.

If after 5 days or so you didn't get the results you want - you can go back to your doctor for more, usually at no additional cost.

Most doctors will have you come back in 2 weeks anyway to make sure you're happy with your results.

On the other hand there may be some doctors who actually charge more for the forehead area than the glabella area (crow's feet)...............

I know this sounds confusing that is why when you ask for the cost pay attention to how they break it down to you.

Are they quoting you in CC's or areas of injection? Tell them the area you want done and then ask which would be cheaper. Most doctors are more than willing to work with you.

Botox Cost - What About Insurance:

If you’re intent on using this or migraines or neurological disorders, then check and see if your insurance plan covers some of the Botox cost.

There are no known insurance plans that cover the cosmetic use of Botox, but some insurance companies may cover it for certain disorders. Inquire with multiple locations within your area.

As with most products, shopping around can give better price results.

Finding the right insurance company along with the right doctor who accepts that insurance may be a daunting task, but it is possible.

Botox Safety

The popularity of Botox prompted many people to think of it as a casual procedure, which it simply isn’t. The process needs the same attention to medical safety as any other treatment.

Use of needles on other patients is highly dangerous and health care providers should dispose of used needles immediately after use.

Some “Botox parties” are done with the idea that a group setting eases anxiety about injecting needles into the face.

While the concept of moral support is sound, the patient must remember that this is not a social occasion, nor is this approach to Botox healthy or safe.

Injection into the wrong muscles causes partial facial paralysis appearing as drooping eyelids and other facial features. If injected too close to the muscles around the mouth, the patients speech can sound slurred.

These effects are not permanent, nonetheless those looking for cosmetic improvements will find such results daunting and frightening.

The bottom line: Never let anyone inject you unless you know it's a board certified physician who is trained in injections and knows exactly what muscles and areas to inject.

Before choosing a physician, ask how many injections they do per week.

Other side effects include bruising and irritation of the injection site. But this normal and usually subsides in a few days.

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