Botox Risks & Complications

Botox Risk?

Are there any Botox risks? Yes, of course. But all-in-all, Botox is pretty safe and works great.

I think it's one of the best anti-aging tools that gives us quick results.

We've all seen those flashy Botox print advertisements and commercials that show beautiful Botox before/after results like reduction in under eye wrinkles or forehead wrinkles nearly miraculously. 

However, before you take out that credit card, be aware that Botox can have some risk, but for the most part it's pretty safe.

The most common side effects are temporary redness at the injection site, bruising, and headache. These usually go away in a day or so.

Other serious, but not common risks include:

  • hives, itching, or swelling (which could be due to an allergic reaction)
  • trouble breathing
  • vision problems
  • problems with swallowing or speaking

If you experience any serious effects doctor right away.

Tips for Best Results
To ensure the results and avoid any complications or side-effects, you want to prevent it from spreading or migrating to other parts of the body - so do not touch the area for several hours after injection.

Also, some doctors/dermatologists recommend avoiding physical activity or lying down - for up to 6 hours after an injection.

These days, all most all plastic surgeons and even dermatologists are very well skilled at administering Botox and other injectable fillers.

TIP: Other tips for ensuring the best results with minimum risks is to make sure it's administered by a trained professional who has experience with injectable fillers.

Now, while you probably will never be able to purchase Botox online, you can purchase creams or serums that have some mild effects to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

They won't paralyze the underlying muscle like Botox does, but can help improve the way that area looks.

Yeah, yeah, yeah......we've all heard this before. Everyone has the best most effective cream to reduce wrinkles.

And the truth is some products do work better than others for different people - depending on your skin type, age, and needs.

Well, don't be too jaded, while many Botox cream alternatives may not be that effective.........

I found one that I feel does a nice job of reducing the appearance of fine lines by hydrating the area - there by filling them a bit..

It also has a light reflective quality that sort of blurs imperfections and to top it off, it makes shiny skin and enlarged pores disappear.

I Love my wrinkle filler and carry it with all the time. You can read about it here: Hide Wrinkles.

Botox Complication - What’s it made of?

The key risk from Botox stems from its main component. Botox takes its product name from the keynote ingredient Botulinum toxin.

This toxin is produced by the botulinum bacteria (i.e. what causes botulism).

It’s been used since the 1990s for various forms of therapy, and more recently for cosmetic alterations. Needless to say, when using a toxin there are going to be potential problems.

For cosmetic alteration applications, Botox injections work on deep creases that come from the way you express yourself facially (like those on your forehead).

It will not help with other forms of wrinkles – for those you would need to research face lifts and alternatives.

Botox Average Cost and Procedure

Botox gets injected into the wrinkle area, providing nearly immediate results. This is not, however, a permanent change.

The average injection lasts for 3 months to a year. Each one of these injections costs approximately $700.

Botox Injection Side Effects

Some people have difficulty moving their eyebrows after forehead work. Others may experience limp eyelids for several months.

In very rare instances, the Botulinum toxin can leak into adjacent body regions causing weakness, numbness or paralysis.

Some people have even tried botox injection for lip wrinkles, but this often turns out disastrous -- causing the inability to move the upper lip naturally.....sometimes called Botox lips

Natural Alternative to Botox: - No Botox Risks

For those who feel that Botox injections aren’t right for them – especially since it’s very expensive, then consider trying what I call my favorite Botox alternative cream.

It much less costly (about 1/7th the cost!) and you never have to worry about Botox risks or Botox complications. 

If you do try it, please write back and share your experience with Botox risks or anything else on your mind....

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