Celebrity face exercises

by Angela

I've been looking for the best facial exercises for wrinkles and especially eye lift exercises. I'm not sure which ones to try.

Are there any facial exercises for eyes or to help lift and firm the eyes? I'm only 39, but my eyes look much older and I want to do something about now.

Also, do you know of any celebrities using facial exercises? I would think if it really works, they would be using them. Especially since surgery can be dangerous.

Hello Angela,

I personally believe facial exercises work to help maintain a younger, firmer looking face.

The sliding and massaging helps work the elastin which – according to research – helps firm up the skin. And all that massaging helps increase blood flow and oxygen for a healthier complexion.

Also, by applying a small amount of pressure during specific exercises, you can help build muscle tone which can for example, lift and improve jowls by shortening muscle fiber and provide higher looking cheek by building up muscle fiber in that area.

Building muscle tone can also help lift eyebrows and strengthen eyelid muscle for a wider eye, more awake look.

One of the things that happen to the eyes is that the muscles become weaker with age, which contribute to that tired look.

One simple exercise that helps is:

- Close the eyes and place two fingers on top of each eye lid.

- Hold firmly in place and then try open the lids and look up while using your finger to prevent the eye lid from lifting.

- Do this for of about five and repeat several times.

This helps strengthen the muscle and can offer a stronger, wider eye. Click here to watch a short video for facial exercises and free samples.

In reference to celebrity face exercises, I read that Victoria Beckham does some type of facial yoga. I believe I read this The Telegraph.com.au.

They said she has been doing facial exercises/yoga to prevent sagging skin and lines around her mouth.

And, reportedly, she has even convinced her husband David to try to it to reduce the lines around his eyes.

I wonder how many other celebrities do the same, but just don't talk about it.....just the way they dislike talking about any plastic surgery procedures they've had.

Hope this information helps.

Facial Fitness
Face Culture, by Frederick M. Rossiter, M.D., Pageant Press, (Copyright 1956)
Richard H Tew, M.D., Harvard graduate, General Practitioner, Integrated Medicine

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