Cheap Makeup - Is It Worth It?

Looking for cheap makeup? Who isn't these days. Well be careful where you shop and what you buy. Sometimes you get what you pay for - but your skin might not be happy.

If think you’re going to find the best foundation makeup across the aisle from dog food and laundry detergents at your local drug store or grocery store – you could be wrong.

Continue reading below about an exciting, high quality inexpensive mineral foundation that offers excellent coverage and is good for your skin!.....Especially for troubled or aging complexion.

Chances are you’re not going to find a wide variety of colors and selections to match your skin tone and type, not to mention a good quality foundation that's free of chemical or additives that will not only clog pores, but can irritate sensitive skin.

An independent research shows that most shoppers return back - to the drugstore or supermarket - at least twice before finding a foundation that matches their skin tone!!!

That is why it’s best for your skin and wallet to purchase a premium brand foundation that’s 100 % free of color match frustration.

You won’t find this type of allergy tested, fragrance free, non-comodegenic makeup foundation in a supermarket.

No Makeup Coupons Needed

Hard to match skin tone? No Problem!

Simply Karen offers a huge range of colors (over 28 shades).  You can custom order your own color combination for no additional cost. 

There is a very popular and inexpensive mineral foundation line called Simply Karen that was voted #1 by H2o Magazine Readers!

Simply Karen rivals - in terms of quality with Bare Escentuals and Jane Iredale Foundation - however, her prices are much better.....You get more makeup for the same money.

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of color and pore-less skin, only crushed pure minerals can feel like a cream but go on like silk…………………................

Simply Karen Mineral makeup gives you a clean, yet complete coverage -- that feels like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. 

And, it's healthier for your skin because it’s free from oils, waxes, fragrances, chemicals and other preservatives that cause the skin to breakout or dull your complex.

Her natural mineral makeup line contains titianium dioxide and zince oxides which acts as a natural sunscreen, but is wonderful for troubled skin or for those who have had cosmetic surgery - like peels or dermabrasion. By choosing a natural mineral makeup your skin will be happier and so will your wallet. 

NOTE: Karen - the creator of this line, was plagued by sensitive troubled skin and couldn't tolerate most of the mineral and liquid foundations on the she set out to create her own. Now she has an entire line of cosmetics from lips to eyes - especially for trouble, sensitive, and mature/wrinkled skin. 

If you're one of the millions of women use and love the original Bare Escentuals mineral makeup because it left their skin softer, smoother and younger looking.......Then consider giving this line a try. 

I love the flawless, non-greasy look of mineral foundation, but was always hesitated because they always went on so dry and powdery, or settle into fine lines.......But I was wrong when it came to this line! 

One of the main reasons why it's so popular is that -- while it is a powder -- it goes on creamy and silky and gets buffed onto the skin, so it provides fantastic coverage hiding all imperfections and large pores. 

TIP - If you're looking for a good, but cheap makeup to use for a special occasion or before getting photographed - like a wedding - consider using the Simply Karen Mineral Finishing Veil. It contains arrowroot that provides a pore less, flawless finish and will set your makeup for the whole day.

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