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by Karen Marshall
(amesbury, ma, usa)

Hi, I am 57 yrs. young and have had lap band surgery about 3years ago, losing 80 lbs., I have also been a sun lover for a lot of years also. So here is my problem soft crepey skin plus I need to exercise but have done little of such due to such a harsh winter season. I love that I look good in my clothes but would love to look good without them also.

Editors Note:

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your email regarding crepey skin and congratulations on your weight loss!

80 pounds? That's awesome!

Yes, finding time for exercise is hard enough, but once I turned "50 something" it's not time that I don't have - it's the energy and motivation I had when I was in my 30s.

So on to your initial subject....Crepey Skin. I know in order to help reduce crepey skin (whether on the body or face) you essentially need to do (at a minimum) two things:

Build Muscle and Massage the Skin.

Let me tell you My Personal experience about crepey skin on the neck.

I'm 56 years old and never really noticed how bad my neck skin got until one day while working out, I felt skin jiggling under my chin. That afternoon I took a picture with my cell phone and was shocked. It was horrible and I never really saw it from that angle.

I've been doing CFF facial exercises for years, but was too lazy to do them all and do them on a consistent basis.

So, I sent my neck picture to Carolyn, the creator of CFF. She told me that I need do the exercises on a more consistent basis. She suggested 3 times a week and she gave 2 Bonus Exercises for the lower face and neck and within 8 weeks I saw results.

If you click over here to this site you'll see the before and after pictures.

Neck Firming Results".

Muscle building and skin massaging - these two work for the face and body!!

So for the legs and arms, consider doing some simple muscle building exercises and purchase good body skin brush and brush your skin (arms and legs only - do not use

a skin brush on face) a few times a week in the shower.

You can google the words "dry skin brushing" or "wet skin brushing" to find where you can buy one or just to learn more. A good full sized health food store will usually carry these types of brushes. Or you can order one on the internet.

Skin brushing is also very good for your health. It helps improve lymphatic drainage.

For the legs: What would I do? I would get a rebounder (mini trampoline) so much fun!! Set it in front of the TV and bounce away. This can help build muscles in your legs. Not as much as if you were using weights, but better than nothing and fun. Look on the internet for Rebounders for more information.

For the arms: Consider using hand held weights and do bicep curls and different arm exercises using these weights. You can look up arm exercises with weights on the internet for some ideas.

Also, consider doing push-ups to build triceps, shoulders, and chest.

You may have to start the push-ups by leaning against a wall and just pushing away – in the first few months - until you’ve worked up enough strength to get on the floor and do push-up on your knees.

Push-ups are excellent to work the whole upper body and arms. You can look up exercises ideas on the internet for more detail information.

The combination of the two will work to help firm the skin, but it will take a few months to see results.

Take pictures so you can track your progress to keep you motivated. I didn't think I was making any progress with my neck when I saw my pictures at week 8. UNTIL............I put the week 8 picture right next to week 1 picture. OMG!

I was so excited over my progress and the fact that I didn't have to resort to expensive surgery to fix my neck - that I got over my embarrassment of posting that picture on the website for all to see.

I hope this information has helped. Feel free to keep in touch and let me know how it goes. It's not quick, but I know it works :-)


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