Cure For Psoriasis and Itching Symptoms

Plaque Psoriasis

plaque psoriasis cure

If you have plaque psoriasis, you probably already know there is No Cure For Psoriasis.

So what do you do? What are your treatment options?

Plaque psoriasis is very common and is characterized by red or white/silvery scaly patches – usually found on the legs, arms, elbows, knees, trunk, or scalp.

These scaly patches can be very itchy, painful, and burn.

What causes this plaque? A buildup of skin cells which grow faster than normal causing them to pile up - resulting in raised circular/oval patches on the skin.

Researchers suspect this unusual growth is due to a disorder of the immune system, which affects white blood cells causing abnormal inflammation in the skin.

Most treatment options (whether prescription medication or home remedies) aim help reduce the plaque and hydrate the skin so it can heal.

While this is no permanent cure for psoriasis, there are options to help reduce the irritating symptoms like the itching, inflammation, and dry scaly patches that not only painful, but are embarrassing for most people.

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Prescription Treatment Options for Plaque Psoriasis

A new FDA approved drug called Stelara is used to treat moderate to severe psoriasis plaque. This medication is not a pill but rather an injection under the skin.

In the beginning, you may need as many as four doses per year, after that it may be reduced to only two per year…...however, your exact does will be determined by your doctor.

While this drug has been shown to be effective in reducing plaque, it does have soome serious side effects, especially for those with a comprised immune system.

Since Stelara affects the immune system, it can reduce your ability to fight infections and make you more susceptible to get infections.

Based on your personal medical history, your doctor will determine if Stelara is right for you.

The most common side effects include:

  • headache
  • tiredness
  • upper respiratory infections

For less serious cases your doctor may prescribe cortisone cream, which will help reduce itching.

He also may prescribe a medicine that contains a retinoid. But, these creams can have side effects too - like thinning of the skin.

Home Treatments For Psoriasis Cures

All over the web, you will see offers of a “psoriasis cure”. But as we all know - there is no cure for psoriasis. But there are steps you can take to help reduce symptoms.

If you are taking any medication, please speak to your doctor before attempting any home remedies.

1. Keep Skin Hydrated - Many people find that soaking in an oatmeal bath can help relieve itching and dryness. Try adding oils and moisturizers to the bath water too.

This not only helps to relive itching, but also softens the scales. In addition, a nice long bath may help to relieve daily stress to boot. This is an excellent treatment and should be used by anyone with psoriasis at least once a week.

To create an oatmeal bath at home:

  • take an old tube sock (make sure that there are no holes in it!) and fill it with a cup of oatmeal
  • put it under the faucet, as you run a warm bath (not hot, because that will dry out your skin more) and soak

2. Phototherapy - Getting some sun, may help. As always, be careful not to get burned by protecting your skin with an SPF of no less than fifteen and it may be a good thing to check out one of the sunscreens that are unscented. Or your doctor can prescribe an ultraviolet B light unit which you can use at home.

3. Moisturize - Keeping the skin moist and hydrated in order to help remove or reduce the excess skin build up (plaque) can go a long way in reducing the symptoms. Reducing the thickness of the plaque also allows your moisturizers to penetrate better to help skin heal faster.

Make sure to apply a moisturize after bathing while the skin is still damp to help seal in moisture.

If possible, consider using a moisturizer with natural exfoliants to encourage the shedding of dead skin cells, reduce plaque thickness and allow for better penetration of moisturizers.

Dermasis is specially formulated psoriasis cream. The makers of this moisturizer state that in addition to lubricating emollients and vitamin E, it also contains FDA approved ingredients to relive symptoms.

If you suffer from psoriasis, or suspect you have it, please see your doctor immediately and discuss your prescription and home treatment options.

Also, make sure to inform him/her of any medications or treatments you are currently using.

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