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Apr 08, 2011
Thanks Linda
by: Teresa

I stopped doing all facial exercises the morning I noticed the fold and that was over two months ago and it has not relaxed at all since then. I think thats another reason I'm noticing it more lately because the other side has relaxed.
It's like it's frozen.

Hi Teresa,

Is it actually a fold or a line (parentheses as some people call it.) If it's a deep line, I would try applying a really hydrating moisturizer - like hyaluronic acid which can help fill/plump up the line to see if that helps.

It's strange that it's only on one side? Are you sure it's due to the mouth flex exerciser piece? What exactly were you using?

If you were using Carolyn's system, I would suggest contacting her for personal assistance. She often creates personalized tips/exercises for her customers who have unusual situations or results.


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