Facial Exericse for Eyes Made Skin Smoother After 4 Weeks


I've been doing face exercise for a little over a month now and I'm starting to notice the crinkly skin on my eyelids is much smoother. I also notice that my eyeshadow goes on better too.

I guess I wasn't really sure if this was going to work so I'm sort of surprised to see these changes.

I've been really good about doing the exercises and have been doing them almost 5 times a week.

I'm only 45 years old and according to the Carolyn, I only need to do them 3 times a week, but I was determined to get results quickly and really wanted to see if they work.

Plus, I did the eye exercises a few extra times during the week.

My next area to work on is my forehead wrinkles. They've been pretty deep since my late 30s. I'll let you all know how it goes.


Hey Ronnie,

That's great to hear. Did you take any pictures? Did you use any special creams or serums?

I see Carolyn sells vitamin C serum, but I haven't tried it yet. She claims that the results come faster with a potent serum. Has anyone tried it?

I've been doing the exercises for about 2 1/2 weeks and really haven't seen too many changes. My skin feels a little firmer, but that's about it.

Oh, yeah and my neck muscles feel a little sore. I think that's a good sign right?

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exercises for face wrinkles and sag?

by Nita

Looking for other ladies my age who are trying facial exercise in an effort to look and feel better! I am 70-getting more wrinkles and sag from my years of being a sun worshiper.

Hi Nita,

Thanks for your comment. Hope the other ladies on this forum will share their experience with you.

But, if this is any help, according to Carolyn (the creator of Facial Fitness) it's never too late to start firming-up sagging muscles and improving skin tone and texture.

In fact, Carolyn tells me that she didn't start facial exercising until she was in her mid 50s and today she's over 65 years old…she looks fantastic.

Since you found this forum - you probably saw her video on the facial exercises page.

From there you'll find links to her site where she posts before and after pictures and provides more information on exactly how (and why) facial exercises work.

I started experimenting with face exercises in my early 40s – but wasn't as diligent as she was in keeping up with them. Although I'm still pretty happy with my results :-)

One reason why I didn't stick with an exercise program was because I had a hard time finding one that suited me.

Some were too long per session, like over 45 minutes (who has that much time to exercise their face??) and some were too intense. Too much pulling and tugging of the skin.....it scared me.

I kept thinking, what if I was doing it wrong? Could I make things worse? But finally I found her workout and love it.

At seventies years young, you should aim to do the exercises at least 5 times per week. Carolyn advocates 3-5 times per week with a few days off.

That's really not bad considering the exercises only take 15 minutes to complete and all (but 2 exercises) are done lying down.............. Yes, lying down is best for gravitation pull and muscle lift.

So, it's easy to slip them in first thing in the morning before getting out of bed – or last thing at night before going to sleep.

Trust me……..you will feel these!

I would suggest – in addition to doing facial exercises – make sure you're using a good rejuvenating cream……something that contains either copper peptides, retinols, or vitamin C.

These all help with cell turnover and encourage new collagen production.

Encouraging cell turnover – means you'll help slough dead skin cells so newer fresher ones can come to the surface easier.

(As we age, cell turnover slows down giving our complexion a dull, dry look.)

Well, I hope others respond about their experience. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help :-)


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facial exercises for the eyes

by Sally

Hi All,

I'm pretty good about sticking with my face exercise routine. I have no problem getting most of them done every morning.

But my tip for all of you who are just starting is to review the muscle chart. It really helped me understand exactly what muscles I'm supposed to work on and where I'm supposed to feel it.

Also, I try to do a few extra exercises for my trouble spots like for the eyes and refer to the muscle chart to target those areas that bother me. I even do some of these in the car. Hope this helps everyone.

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How to stay on track with the exercises
by: Lisa

Hi Pattie,

Here is what do to stay on track. First try to do them first thing in the morning. Once you establish a routine after about 2 weeks, it will become a habit.

Is there a way you can place the DVD player by your bed side?

This way you can just wake up a few minutes earlier – hit the play button and do your exercises. Remember, these exercises are best done lying down.

Hope this helps,

When do you do your face exercises?
by: Pattie


A few weeks ago I got the facial exercise DVD. I watched the instructional video and understand how to do them. They're not so hard.

But, I keep forgetting to do the exercises. I always seem to run out of time in the morning. So I plan to do them at night, but fall asleep on the couch before I get a chance to do them.

I work a lot of hours and am so exhausted at the end of the day

What do you suggest? I need a plan to stick with.
Thanks so much for your help.


Do Facial Exercises Anywhere....

Hi Sally,

I do the extra exercises in the car too. Even though Carolyn suggests doing the basic ones lying down, you can do those extra ones anywhere you can squeeze them in.

Sitting in traffic is the perfect time for me. I just wonder what the people sitting in the car next to me think if they see me making these faces..…...LOL

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Facial exercises for jowls

by Diane


Does this program include facial exercises for lower jowls and under the neck area? That is where my problem area is and I think it's hereditary because my mom and grandma (mom's mother) have deep jowls and a lot of lose skin under the neck.

My mom started getting these in her early 40's and I'm scared that I'll have them too. Am I too young to start facial exercising? I'm 34 years old.

Thanks, Diane

Hi Diane,

Yes, it does include facial exercises for jowls and neck and chest.

Not all facial exercise programs really address the neck/chest area which is an important area to address early because the strength of these muscles has a lot to do with the balance of the rest of the face.

And, this area is harder to "repair" so once it goes south - so to answer your other question, no your not too young for facial exercises.

In fact now is a great time to start before the deep sagging begins.

Older people will see results too, but it will take more work and longer.

The creator of this program is so aware of the importance of achieving firmness in the lower jowl, chin, neck area that she recently put out an additional exercise for the "turkey" neck look.

You can watch this free video and try this exercise out today.

When you click on the link above - you'll find 3 free exercises in the top video.............Scroll all the way down to the bottom, to find the new neck/jowl video.

But, for a balanced look, it is a good idea to do all 28 exercises from head to chest. It only takes 15 minutes and at your age, you'll only need to do it about 3 times a week.

And, once you purchase her video, you are a customer for life so any new additional exercises or upgrades are passed onto you (a lifetime customer) for free.

It's really a great deal, plus you can always contact her directly for special help.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

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Facial Exercises for Jowls and wrinkles

by Barbara


I just wanted to tell you that I been using Carolyn's facial exercises mostly for my jowls and wrinkles on my upper cheeks. And, I was surprised for the other effects I noticed.

My cheeks seem higher and fuller and my eyes are more slanted like they used to be when I was younger. I'm down to only 1 neck line (wrinkle)! I was starting to get more and more each year after my 40th birthday. I think I was up to 3 rings. Now, there is one left!

The pouches at the corner of my mouth are smaller and the folds around my nose and mouth are not so pronounced. I really was surprised because I didn't expect these changes.

Even my kids notice the difference when they come to visit and that tells me a lot.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how well it worked for me and I'm thrilled.



Hello Barbara,

That's wonderful! I'm so happy to hear of your positive experience. Three months is about the time when you really notice the more drastic changes. But the first thing I noticed was that I have much less skin play....i.e loose skin.

For those who haven't started using the face exercise CD yet, try this......pinch your cheek and give it a little pull. Try to see how much lose skin there is.

Then in about 3 weeks, try it again in the same spot. And again in 3 more week, and so on.......

Over time, you'll notice less skin play. The skin will feel thicker, tighter and not as loose as when you first started.

Even though Carolyn (in the video on the face exercise page) is about 15 years older than me, she has much less skin play then I do when she performs the Face Firmer massage.........especially when she performs this massage around the upper cheek area.

Her skin is incredible for a woman who is over 64 years old!

Keep doing them and let me know how it goes in another few months.

P.S. How often do you do the face exercises? I manage to do them about 3-4 times a week. The more often you do them, the faster your results. Just make sure you take a few days off a week.

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My cheek dimples are back after doing isometric facial exercises!

by Andrea
(New York)

Hi All,

I just wanted to say that after 3 months of doing these isometric facial exercises the dimple on my right cheek is back again.

I used to get compliments on my dimples all time, especially when I smiled. Then sometime after I turned forty, my dimple just turned into this long line that ran down to my chin.

I hated it and a plastic surgeon said he could injected the deep line with Restylane to fill it in.

But, I always wanted the dimple back and I couldn't afford the Restylane injection every 4-6 months.

So for years I tried all kinds of creams and facial isometrics and exercisers, like that plastic piece with the rubber bands, you put into you mouth then squeeze shut. But that only made my nasal labial folds more exaggerated!!!!

So I kept looking for a solution and came across this exercise DVD. It was easy and fast to do. I did it every night before going to sleep.

I know the exercises by heart and don't need to listen to the CD anymore.

I did them for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. And, I wasn't quite sure I really noticed a much difference until my birthday last week when my boyfriend took my picture.

He's the one who noticed it first. I'm so excited to see this change and can't wait for more improvements.

Thanks again,

Hi Andrea,

That's great news to hear. Yes, I noticed my dimple came back too and I love it.

You know as Carolyn (created of the isometric facial exercise program) once said......when you do these exercises over a long period of time, on a consistent basis, you go through what she calls "youth jumps".

Meaning, you actually start to look younger and younger over time. She claims that she looks younger now - then when she was in her late 50's. She is now almost 65 years old and look how beautiful she is.

Thanks for sharing your story. We appreciate hearing about your success.

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Quick Tip for Facial Exercisers and the Face Firmer Massage

by Amanda
(New York)

Hi All,

Here is one of my tips to stay on track with my facial exercises.

First, once I learned the exercises (which are pretty easy) I really didn't need the pacing CD, so I just set my alarm 15 min early and did my exercises in bed.

Then, I keep that orange card you get with the visual pictures of how to do the Face Firmer massage in my bathroom by my sink.

So every morning and every night when I wash my face, I do the quick Face Firmer massage.

It only takes literally about 5 seconds to do, but it really makes a difference in your results. You'll see faster and better results if you do this massage.

And remember, like Carolyn said, don't slide your palms over the skin. Press into the muscle and massage the muscle only.

Then lift your palms and place them a little higher on the face and do it again until you reach the temples.

This massage is supposed to firm up the underlying muscle. It really is simple to do, but I just kept forgetting it.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Amanda. That's a great idea. You know I kept forgetting to do the face firmer massage too and after a certain point, I wasn't seeing too much results.

But then Carolyn asked me if I kept up with the massage and I realized that I haven't been :-(

Once I started doing them more often, I started to see a more firming of the nasal labial folds.

You see I lost of lot of weight recently and started to see some drooping of the skin.

When you're over 50 and lose weight quickly, the skin doesn't always recover so fast. But this firming massage really helped.

Thanks for sharing....

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my tips for exercising the face
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone,

What I found that works well for me is to do about 14 exercises in the morning, that's takes about 7 minutes.

Then I do the second half, for the lower part of my face in the evening, which also takes about 7 minutes. This has worked really well for me for over a year.

I only do the exercises about 3 times a week, but I think they say you're supposed to do them more often as you get older.

I'm 49, so I guess I might have to increase them soon. But, I am happy with what I have achieved so far.



Do Face Exercise in The Morning
by: Dawn

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that I love the way my face looks now. I've gotten great results with these face exercises.

It's took about 3 months to see results, but it took almost a year to see a big difference.

I know how hard it is to keep up with any exercise. Even though it only take 15 minutes to do them, what with work, school, and teenagers, I don't even have 5 minutes to myself.LOL

So I try to do my facial exercises right after I get out of the shower, while I'm waiting for my hair to dry.

I actually hang my head over the edge of the bed for added resistance.

Carolyn said she tested doing the exercises with her head hanging over the bed and didn't find any real difference between that and just doing them lying down.

But I like doing them that way. I think I feel more resistance that way.

Also, by the time I finish my hair is almost dry and so am I.

And, during the summer I use a self-tanner and can't get dressed right away until the cream sinks in, so I use this time to lie across the bed and do the exercises.

Hope this helps,


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