Face Treatment Oil - Which should I use?

by Alicia
(South Carolina)

I've been reading about the benefits of using facial oils for cleaning or massaging your face. I'm over 50 and have started to notice very dry skin especially under my eyes.

Plus, my face seems to be a bit droopy so I was planning on using the face oil to massage my face hoping to firm it up again.

Do you have any suggests on what type of oils and massaging I can try?

Editor's Response:

Hi Alicia, thanks for your question regarding face treatment oil. I am a huge advocate for facial massages.

I have experienced first hand the benefits of massaging your facial skin along with facial exercises.

I have recently started using a massaging wand, called Kansa. Not only is this mentally relaxing, but it helps my skin look firmer and leaves it with a nice healthy glow.

The company is offering a free bottle of facial oil with each Kansa wand purchased.

This ayurvedic herbal oil is great for a number facial issues like:

-dark circles,
-rough skin texture
-dry skin
-dull complexion

Want to see how it works? Click on this link to learn more.

I hope this helps. Please let me know how you like this massaging wand. I love it and enjoy hearing from other women who have tried it and the results they've recieved from a nice daily face massage.


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Jun 26, 2018
Essential Oils for Skin Tightening
by: CDR

Hi Linda,

Alicia's question caught my attention. I've been reading about essential oils such as Frankincense, Rose Geranium and Neroli for skin tightening. Do they work???



Hello CDR,

Facial oils can help hydrate the skin which plumps it up a bit giving it a firmer appearance.

But, it's the combination of facial oils along with regular massages or exercises that really help give the face a more firmer appearance.

Facial exercises and massages can firm up underlying muscles and since the skin takes shape of the underlying muscle - the skin will look firmer too.

Remember: Sagging muscles - sagging skin.

Plus, massaging the face aids in draining excess fluid and puffiness which makes the skin appear tighter.

Other benefits include the increase in blood circulation which brings more oxygen to the skin making it look better and brighter. It also helps release toxins and calms any inflammation.

So facial oils alone are not as effective as the combination of oils and massages/exercises for a more firmer facial apperance.

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