What's in Your Face Wrinkle Cream?

What's in your face wrinkle cream?

Does it contain ingredients to repair or prevent aging?

I can't understand why some popular wrinkle creams that are advertised on TV and found at my local drugstore contain so many unnecessary perfumes and dyes!

I tried a very popular wrinkle cream that's advertised on TV constantly and I swear it had more perfume than my body scented creams. 

Who wants to put all those chemicals, dyes and perfumes on the delicate skin around face, eyes, and neck.

While all that grease or harsh chemicals that might not bother your body skin, doesn’t do your face any good whatsoever. 

When you’re standing in the beauty isle looking at 101 different products promising all manner of wondrous results it’s really hard to figure out what’s “truth” and what’s clever advertising.

There’s some things you can watch for, however, that will help in making the best possible choice in selecting the best anti wrinkle skin cream for the face. 

First, recognize that products labeled “deep wrinkle cream” are not created equal.

Yes, some decrease the appearance of wrinkles, but nothing short of Botox or surgery completely erases wrinkles. 

Sadly both Botox and surgery can result in very unnatural looking skin. Better creams fade wrinkle lines about 10 percent if you’re lucky.

So what's the best overall anti-wrinkle face cream? How about looking for products that contain copper peptides?

Copper peptides help to stimulate the skin at the DNA level and produce more collagen and elastin, leaving your skin feeling great and much healthier.

Deep Wrinkle Treatment

Copper Peptides

The skin in your face is so sensitive and much easily damaged than the rest of your body. Your face tells a lot about your health What is the message you send?

Is it weary, old, and splotchy or fresh and vibrant? Choosing the best anti-wrinkle cream for your skin can make a huge difference.

There are some new products on the market that include ingredients like copper peptides. Research on this component is very impressive.

The World Congress of Dermatology revealed a six month study that showed peptides help to reduce moderate and deep wrinkles as much as 68 percent. Most regular wrinkle creams only treat mild age marks.

The reason this ingredient makes a difference is because it’s been formulated form substances that help skin recover from wounds and an understanding of why skin develops wrinkles.

Skin needs hydration but the older we get, the less your skin cells can retain moisture. Copper peptides  can help, with visible results in as little as two months and even more pronounced results the longer its used.

Overall peptides defies premature aging and facilitates your skin’s overall health. 


Also consider using retinols nightly. The kind of retinols you can purchase over-the-counter without a prescription have really improved and offer quite an impressive outcome.

A 2.5% retinol cream is not too expensive either. Click here for more info.

Final Note on
Anti-Wrinkle Face Creams

You might find lots of wrinkle creams that claim to contain peptides and/or retinols, but the real question is how much do they contain?

Quite often these "drug-store" brand creams only contain a smidgen for window dressing, but not enough to make a real difference on those face wrinkles and lines.

Next time you're considering one - read the ingredients and see how far down the list the ingredients - retinol or copper peptides are.

The further down, the less it contains. Sometimes the saying "you get what you pay for" is true. Especially when it comes to face wrinkle creams.

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