Fish Oil for more hydrated skin

by Sisse

About fish oil:
I found your site searching for ideas on using omega-3 oils on the skin and just wanted to share a bit of information on you. You write that fish health is a major concern of yours when choosing oil supplements.

But you can actually buy products made without fish! And I don't mean the traditional vegetable oil products :-)
Fish actually do not themselves produce the omega 3-6 fatty acids, but rather eat them in the form of algae.

There are now products available made directly from these algae, grown in controlled environments and free of any heavy metal contamination etc. Try googling "vegetarian omega 3" - I have personally tried V-Pure and Opti-3 and loved them. My kids will even take V-Pure because they are very small and easy to swallow :-) And they don't taste like fish when you burp ;-) It takes 500 kilograms of fish to make 1 kilogram of fish oil. I think these algae products are grear - not only for vegetarians but also if you're concerned about environment and contamination.

Best wishes,

Hi Sisse,

Thanks so much for sharing that information. I'll look into the V-Pure. I have a hard time with the fishy burp too. That's why I switched to Krill oil for now....Actually, I'm using Krill oil to help reduce my triglycerides.

The Fish Oil that's recommend on my site Omega 3 Fish Oil is actually from an organization (Life Extension Foundation) that I worked for years ago and I can tell you their fish oil product of the highest quality in terms of contamination and purity.

They use a patented extraction and purification process to remove all contaminants and protect against rancidity. However, they say it's burp free, but not for me ;-) I can still taste it hours later :-(

Thanks again for your interesting contribution. Hope to hear from you again.




I tried that fish oil from Life Extension and it doesn’t come up for me.

I never burp or have heart burn, so maybe they changed the formula?

I purchased it a few weeks ago and the advisor who helped me pick out the right strength told me to take it a few minutes BEFORE I eat, not after and that’s supposed to help.

I used to take another brand that really upset my stomach, but I have to tell you, fish oil is the best thing for your skin.

My skin has never looked better and it’s more hydrate. I don’t mean just the skin on my face, but my whole body.

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