Help for dry patchy skin on my face and neck?

by Marie

Hi There,

I always had really dry patchy skin on my face, especially around my cheeks and neck. Sometimes my skin itches especially on my cheeks and neck and when I scratch my skin cuts easily.

But recently it's gotten worse and I think it's due to a change in hormones. I just reached menopause a few months ago.

Now my face is red, blotchy, and dry. Some days it looks sort of irritated or flushed. If I use any type of product that's oily, my face breakouts in white spots.

If I use a regular moisturizer, my skin is still dry or irritated looking. What should I do? Nothing seems to work.

Hi Marie,

Have you ever considered using a rosacea skin care system? A rosacea system especially formulated for dry skin (not oily because rosacea suffers can suffer from one or the other) can not only help gently cleanse the skin, but also hydrate and help relive redness.

There is also a nutrient boost spray that you can keep in your pocket or handbag so you can spritz your face with a nutrient rich moisture spray throughout the day as often as you need.

This is especially helpful in the winter time when we're exposed to extreme temperatures and very dry air.

Many women especially like the Advanced Vitamin Therapy (AVT) moisturizer because it hydrates but it's not greasy. It goes on really thick and creamy, but leaves the skin feeling clean.

The AVT is perfect for anyone with dry or wrinkled skin because it contains peptides and vitamin C.

Finally, consider speaking to your doctor about having your hormones checked and the possibility of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

If you're a good candidate for replacement therapy, it can help relive dry, thin itchy skin……along with other symptoms common in menopause.

Click here Dry Skin System.

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